‘GTA 5 Online’ Community Sets ‘Kings of Los Santos Tournament’ in February for PS4 Players!

While New York-based game developer Rockstar Games is never one to sleep on coming up with interesting new things for the open world action-adventure video game “GTA 5” and its multiplayer online edition known as “GTA 5 Online,” some of its more creative players have found a way to develop their own entertainment from the game.

It is common knowledge that online multiplayer games have mods wherein gamers can actually use their creativity in coming up with their own kind of game.

In the case of the “GTA 5 Online” community, however, some players did not just create a game for themselves or for their friends, they turned their passion for the game into sort of an e-sports.

Latest reports have it that a group of “GTA 5 Online” gamers are organizing a three-day tournament for PlayStation 4 players of the game, reports VG 24/7.

Called as the ‘Kings of Los Santos’ tournament, the event shall take place on February 24 to 26, 2017 and shall be open to teams of PS4 players. The competition shall include races and team deathmatch.

Typical with an open tournament, it will be open to any four “GTA 5 Online” gamers and winners shall also be getting prizes too and not just have fun competing. If the tournament proved to be successful, they might turn it into an annual event.

Fair game to other players

“GTA 5 Online” is a massively multiplayer online game but a gamer can actually play with 15 other people at any given time.

The game features pretty much the same open world as the single-player version, and the gamer is free to roam wherever he wants.

However, specific missions and activities are also included where the gamer is put into an area where only he and whichever other players he has grouped up with directly can see each other. It is similar to popular online multiplayer games like “Counterstrike” or “DotA” by Valve Corporation.

First-time gamers should be aware that wandering around the open world, he is actually fair game for other players so he should always be alert.

“GTA 5 Online” can also be played solo. The player just needs to load the story mode and simply select GTA Online from the menu as ‘invite only.’

Playing solo does limit one’s character’s development somewhat and the best way to play is to hook up with other players as soon as possible and spawn whatever activity the player is interested in. In so doing, he can keep out of the way of griefers, and simply concentrate on completing missions and having fun.

The best way to play the game

As a multiplayer game, the best way to play “GTA 5 Online” is to invite friends or other people to join as a group or simply wait for someone to initiate a group invite, points out the US Gamer.

If the people the gamer is playing with are crappy, he has the option to go off and do some of the solo activities. But if it turns out they’re quite handy, the gamer can keep on playing with them by using the post-job voting menu to replay the prior job or start a new one.

Group activities generate 20% more rep than solo runs. Also, it’s always worth playing a mission again to get a perfect score, as it’s always easier the second time around, and if the gamer does get it all right, the Rep bonus is sweet.

Just like the premise of the game based on its title alone, the first objective of playing “GTA 5 Online” is to steal a nice car.

But when the player arrives in Los Santos for the first time, he should not steal the first car he sees. It is important to note that the first car he steals is the one he has to use until he can buy a new one.

Unlike the single-player game, the player won’t be able to find premium cars initially, so he should look for something that is decent enough to live with

When he starts earning a bit more cash, he can take a car he wants to keep to a Los Santos Customs shop, go to Loss/Theft Prevention and buy a Tracker for it. It’s $2,000, but it makes the car his and lets him easily recover it should it go ‘missing.’

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