‘GTA 5 Online’ Adversary Mode Challenges Team to Participate in Ultimate Quadruple Date!

Game developer Rockstar Games has launched a new adversary mode on the online multiplayer mode of the open world action-adventure video game “GTA 5” in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Officially called “Till Death Do Us Part,” the adversary mode challenges gamers to take part in the ultimate quadruple date, notes Gamespot.

With the adversary mode, teams of two go head-to-head with up to three other teams of two players apiece. Each couple has one life to share between them. If one player dies, the partner shall take his/her own life in dramatic fashion. That is precisely the reason why the adversary mode was titled in such a way.

However, players will also get health regeneration boosts if they stay close to their teammate while there will be five different romantic locations to battle it out with the opposing pairs, details the Express of UK.

A new limo to boot

The new adversary mode comes as part of Rockstar’s ‘Be My Valentine’ update which arrived on February 10.

The update also enables players to get their hands on the Albany Roosevelt limo, which costs just under $1 million.

The Albany Roosevelt limo is described in the game as lovingly remodelled, with a room for a new suite of personal modifications. It is also the latest edition of the class Roosevelt, which represents a new height of criminal refinement, taking players back to the golden age of fraud, racketeering, and murder when all they had to worry about where a few charges of tax evasion.

There is also a new weapon that comes with the update and it is the Gusenberg Sweeper, which costs $15,000. Incidentally, players feeling particularly romantic can pick up a variety of new Valentine’s Day clothing too ranging from red leopard stockings to scarlet lace panties.

Bonuses for playing adversary mode

Rockstar has also disclosed that players will also earn bonuses for playing the “Till Death Do Us Part” adversary mode.

But “GTA 5 Online” is not the only high-profile video game celebrating Valentine’s Day. Early this week, “Crimson Days” event for the video game “Destiny” has also rolled out as a patch to help its gamers mark and celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.

Meanwhile, an avid gamer of “GTA 5 Online” has just recorded a glitch that is almost a cheat but not quite.

Reputable “GTA 5” tipster and YouTuber MrBossFTW shared that he had recently discovered a dimensional crossing that shall enable players to play the multiplayer “GTA 5 Online” like the single player “GTA 5.”

He shared that he recreated the glitch on Xbox One and found that it worked. But he has not yet tried to do it on the “GTA 5 Online” version for the PlayStation 4 and the PC but it seems likely that it will work too.

MrBossFTW explained that the process takes time to complete but once it does it makes the playable character a superhuman that can access buildings that were previously impossible when they either play as a single player or via online.

The player can actually enter most interesting buildings that had to do with the Heist missions and include the likes of Tequi-La-La bar, Blaine Country Sheriff Department, and the Fleeca banks.

gta 5 online heists

Essentially all buildings from the Heist missions should somehow be accessible with the glitch. For the curious explorer types who play “GTA 5” and “GTA 5 Online,” the latest glitch is very special.

But as far as the superhuman powers go, that is all that the glitch can do. It does not allow the player to enter the vaults as he pleases because it still shuts him out.

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