‘Gran Turismo 7’ Coming Soon to Reclaim PlayStation’s Racing Dominance!

The upcoming driving video game “Gran Turismo 7” is coming soon to the PlayStation 4 to reclaim PlayStation’s racing dominance that the franchise held for so many years until “Driveclub” came along in October 2014 and became the gaming console’s apple of the eyes in racing.

“Driveclub” was such a spectacle to behold with its superb graphics but it was simply not enough to continue on as the PlayStation’s next racing franchise, notes A Pixelated View.

Latest word from game developer Polyphony Digital is that the seventh major release and the 13th game overall in the “Gran Turismo” video game series will be launched either this year or next year.

As early as 2013, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, said that “GT7,” as “Gran Turismo 7” is also called, would be coming in a year or two. That would have been 2014 or 2015 but since the video game did not come in 2014, the possibility that it would come this year is quite high.

However in subsequent interview last year, he said that the racing game would most likely come in 2015 or 2016, which opens up the possibility that the latest it could come out would be next year.

“GT7” will also be based on the same physics engine that “Gran Turismo 6” uses but the series creator said that it will be more powerful on the PlayStation 4 than the “Gran Turismo 6” is on the PlayStation 3.

As it is to be published by Sony Computer Entertainment, “Gran Turismo 7” will be released exclusively to the PlayStation 4.

Reclaiming the throne

Since October 2014 after the launch of “Driveclub” exclusively also on the PS4, it has become the console’s flagship racing game.

But many gamers felt that “Driveclub” was not cut out to become the PlayStation’s franchise racing game and three major reasons were cited to justify why.

“Driveclub” was launched last year without the major carmakers Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Ford. It includes the high-end brands like the Mercedes Benz and MacLaren models but missing out on the world’s most popular car brands, it sure raised a lot of eyebrows in the racing community.

“Gran Turismo” has its robust customization system that focuses more on vehicle’s performance rather than appearance. “Driveclub” on the other hand, has no engine or performance upgrade and changes are limited.

gran turismo 7

“Driveclub’s” racing is neither realistic nor does it resemble any racing game found in video arcades, which normally draw a lot of gamers. Worst, there are penalties in “Driveclub “ that is kind of improbable in a racing game, especially the ones in video arcades, and certainly not the “Gran Turismo” series. Having penalties for cutting corners or crashing into a car ahead of the gamer’s car is just too absurd for racing gamers.

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