GoPro Hero 5 to Feature an Awe-Inspiring Full Ultra HD Video Recording Capability!

One of the most exciting features that GoPro Hero 5 will have when it finally comes out of the retail markets next year is its awe-inspiring Full Ultra HD video recording capability which is also called as 8K quality.

The 8K quality actually doubles the video recording resolution of previous GoPro action cameras in the GoPro series. Because of this feature, the GoPro Hero 5 will actually sport a mind-boggling 4320 pixels, notes the Day Herald.

With Full Ultra HD quality, the video will be presented with eight thousand lines of resolution. But it comes with a trade-off as the high-resolution video will consume more battery power and will eat more storage space in the device’s internal memory.

Another drawback for using the Full Ultra HD mode is the decrease frame rate of the device. However, the user has the option to switch the device at 4K resolution to enjoy a 60 frames per second frame rate during video recording.

In addition to the capability to record 8K videos, the GoPro Hero 5 will also be able to capture 3D motion and images.

Plenty to choose from

The GoPro Hero 5 was supposed to be release to the retail markets this month but the American camcorder company based in San Mateo, California decided to push it back to next year in order to incorporate additional features to make the action camera the best videographic equipment in the world when it hits the market.

Stuff details that while action camera fanatics are still waiting for the GoPro Hero 5 to finally make it to the retail markets next year, consumers have plenty to choose from as GoPro practically has the complete line of action cameras for everyday use.

The outlet describes the GoPro action cameras as rugged little camcorders that brought action man’s action movies within the grasp of the ordinary man.

All GoPro action cameras are waterproof and most of them, particularly the current models, can shoot and record underwater but most of them like the GoPro Hero 4 need to take on a different housing to have a better depth rating underwater.

Each of the GoPro Hero 4 cameras come with the standard housing that is capable of withstanding depths of up to 131 feet or 40 meters. The underwater depth rating increases to 197 feet or 60 meters if the so-called dive housing is used.

Ready to shoot

The GoPro Hero 5 will apparently come ready to shoot and record underwater up to 60 meters depth which only means that it will be using a dive housing instead of the standard housing that other GoPro action cameras come with out of the box.

It is possible that GoPro Hero 5 will have an option for a an even better underwater shooting and recording capability to distinguish it among all the other GoPro action cameras and make it a cut above the rest that GoPro has been saying all along.

There was a recent test review of the underwater capability of one GoPro Hero action camera in a diving expedition over at the Orkney Islands in Scotland. Based on the test, it showed that the device performed well at a depth of 40 meters, but it got a little compromised when it reached the 41-meter mark.

gopro hero 5

Apparently, there was a need to replace the housing of the GoPro Hero action camera to the dive housing but the change should have been made out of the water and not under.

Much has been said about the powerful capabilities of the upcoming GoPro Hero 5 action camera with the focus primarily on its capability to record 4K videos, shoot in 3D, and feature an 8K resolution.

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