GoPro Hero 5 Rumored to Come with a more Compact Design, Better Video Capabilities!

At the same time, even when shooting underwater this camera should provide excellent picture quality and the ability to really capture images that feel alive and look as sharp as possible despite the blurriness added by the underwater conditions.

We might see a lot more attention towards underwater shooting in the future thanks to GoPro, and some people have already been expressing interest in coming up with more creative ideas for underwater shots and long scenes. With a camera that can last a long time without running into any problems in those kinds of conditions, it makes perfect sense too.

But we’ll have to wait for the official release of the Hero 5 to see if it really is as good as the rumors are making it out to be. There are lots of questions to be answered about this model and even though the company is obviously hard at work on it, the final release will prove whether it’s been worth it or not.

Hopefully they’ve prepared something truly amazing this time, because a lot of people seem interested in getting their hands on the new Hero 5 if it really is as good as it’s described. And with the various products coming from the competition from all sides, this market should see a lot of development pretty soon.

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