GoPro Hero 5 Reports Claim the Camera Is Coming Out Next Year with Various Improvements!

GoPro are apparently preparing something quite unique with their Hero 5, the next installment in the popular line of action cameras. And while the model is still some time away from a release – with reports claiming that it should arrive at some point in 2016 – there is already a lot of excitement about it and many people are curious to see what the company has prepared. The GoPro Hero line has been a popular brand in the world of action cameras in general, and even though other manufacturers have now come out with their own solutions that have brought various features to the table, there are still lots of fans rooting for GoPro.

Action cameras are generally a new concept that hasn’t been around for that long, and companies are obviously still trying to figure out what works best for these devices and what ideas don’t quite work out that well. It’s obvious that we’re going to have to go through some more iterations before we’ve arrived to a general design that works well for everyone, but in the end, that’s how the development of new technology goes, and it’s good to see that GoPro have also seen such strong competition in this market, as this is usually the main driving factor behind innovation.

The next installment in the line is reportedly going to come with 8K resolution support, and it will also reduce the physical size and weight of the camera, making it even more compact than before and further adding to its usefulness for people practicing sports where it’s critical to cut out as much weight as possible and reduce the overall size of the person’s frame. With that in mind, the GoPro Hero 5 should be quite the good offer with plenty to give to its fans.

But the success of the camera will also depend on other factors, such as how well it’s marketed and what kinds of accents the company puts in their advertising materials when targeting a specific audience. It’s pretty clear right now that the users of action cameras have started to divide between certain groups of people and the market is starting to take a relatively rigid shape, so now it’s even more important than ever to approach this situation with adequate marketing and the right kind of focus on different groups of fans.

Otherwise, the device might be swept under the rug if GoPro don’t handle its marketing as best as they can, and a lot of critics are predicting that this might spell disaster for the series as a whole if the company is not careful. They no longer have the privilege of being the only ones on the market and the true pioneers of this technology, and because of this, the company needs to be a lot more cautious with their steps forward. Thankfully, they seem to be well aware of this fact and there are plenty of rumors about new developments in the line that are supposedly going to blow fans away.

gopro hero 5

Before the device has arrived to the market though, it’s hard to tell what we can expect from it. There are realistically many possibilities for the company’s development direction, and they might even decide to do something more unusual that the rumors haven’t even mentioned so far. It’s definitely possible that GoPro could have been planning something exciting right under our noses this whole time without us knowing about it, but until the device is out on the market, there is no way to really know.

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