GoPro Hero 4 Rumored to Get Great Upgrade in Hero 5, Better Underwater Shooting Capability and Increased Battery Life!

The GoPro Hero 4 is still relatively fresh on the market, and while many are still exploring the device and learning what it has to offer, others are already speculating about what the next installment in the line could bring. GoPro have been stepping up their production significantly, and the company has obviously taken the hint that its competition has been growing. Their most recent product was a clear indication that they still have a strong competitive edge, but what are they going to do for the Hero 5, and could it capture even more hearts in the action filming market?

Rumors about the GoPro Hero 5 are quite diverse and pointing in all sorts of different directions, and it’s a bit difficult to figure out who to trust. It’s worth noting that some of these rumors are coming from sources that have turned out to be correct before, but still, in the end they’re just that – rumors – so they should be taken with a pretty big grain of salt.

The GoPro Hero 5 could offer an even bigger resolution than the Hero 4, bumping it up to 4K while still retaining its 60 FPS recording capability. This will put it quite far ahead of its competitors, as cameras that can record video at such quality are few and in between on the market right now. If the Hero 5 does have such functionality, this will immediately put it ahead of competitors by a large margin.

On the other hand, GoPro have also been improving the connectivity of their cameras, looking in slightly different directions than the majority of their competitors. While most eyes seem to be firmly focused on Wi-Fi and similar technologies, GoPro seem fond of Bluetooth, using its 4.0 version to achieve great transfer speeds for recorded videos. That’s not a bad move at all, according to critics, as the company could benefit a lot from more active use of advanced connectivity technologies in their products, especially if they focus on transfer channels that aren’t going to be so strongly utilized by other devices in the near future.

GoPro Hero 4

One thing that users have been wishing for is that GoPro would revise and improve the way they’re structuring their different models, as the current system is a bit messy and confusing. The silver and black editions of the Hero 4, for example, have different specifications and features, but there isn’t a definite “better” model between them. Even though the black version is more expensive, it still lacks the touchscreen functionality present in the silver one, while it’s capable of recording video at a better framerate than the alternative.

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