Google Maps Gets New API That Gives Developers Access to Better Route Visualization!

Developers interested in making navigation apps using Google’s Maps API might be excited to learn that the company has just released an update to the API, adding a new feature for much better and more intuitive roads visualization. According to reports, the new API has been specifically designed to address the issue of GPS jitter, which is caused when inaccurate GPS data causes apps to show strange routes to their drivers, sometimes passing straight through obstructions.

This is particularly noticeable in situations where the user is on the move, which is actually the main cause of the problem on the software side, the reports say. The new Roads API gives developers a special new “snap-to-road” feature, which tries to adapt the current movement of the user to some actual logical path.

There are various possible applications for the new feature, and developers have already been discussing possible implications for their future apps online. Many people seem rightly excited at the new release, as it could take the world of mapping software even further. It’s already a very well developed market for developers, but there are various new features that can be implemented in the future that can make it an even more attractive world.

So far, Google are only allowing 2,500 daily queries for the new feature, and developers who’re paying for access to the Maps API can also get live speed limit data for routes that their apps are displaying, provided that such data exists for the locations they’re interested in, of course.

And as usual, Google are being very helpful towards developers interested in making use of the new feature, offering various tutorials and sample code to make it as easy as possible to adopt the Roads API and integrate it into apps, both new as well as currently existing ones.

Google Maps

In addition, Google have also announced a partnership with Dash, an online driving app that offers real-time diagnostics for car drivers, giving them the opportunity to save not just time, but money as well, by driving more intelligently and adapting to the situation around them more efficiently. The service is actually quite impressive and extensive in what it offers, so it should be good inspiration for developers who’re looking for creative ideas for what they can do with the new API.

Of course, the power is not just in the hands of developers, but also users who want to see specific features in their favorite apps – considering how much user feedback means to developers working on new features, those who want to benefit from Roads should make it known to their favorite developers as soon as possible.

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