Gappcenter Promotes FliXanity in Place of Cartoon HD? Does This Spell out a Probable Merger?

Cartoon HD provided one of the best experiences of live streaming videos and movies when it was online. However, since the problems with copyright violation commenced earlier in 2014, things have been down for the application and its regulars.

Of late, the application had alternatively surfaced and vanished from sight numerous times, confusing users about its current status. Later reports suggested that the application was gone for good.

App developed Gappcenter deleted their website and Twitter accounts periodically following the controversy. Latest reports suggest that Cartoon HD will be permanently taken off the grid. Despite numerous alternate applications in line to take its place, nothing comes close to the original user experience.

Gappcenter is seen promoting FliXanity on their Twitter page, prompting users to quickly spread rumors about a budding partnership between the firms. However, Apple users will be disappointed as there are no current iOS compatible applications at the moment.

Even though, there are numerous channels of catching up to live television, the experience will never be the same without Cartoon HD. Even though, apps such as Cydia are available for Jailbroken versions of the iOS, most Apple loyalists do not prefer jailbreaking their device.

A fairly recent rumor hinted that Cartoon HD was working perfectly on devices running on Apple iOS 7. Hence, Cartoon HD loyalists who are planning on upgrading to iOS 8 need to rethink their next move twice.

With the untimely demise of Cartoon HD on Apple devices running on iOS 8, users have been scouting for alternative applications. Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go have managed to stick out so far, even though the user experience is not quite the same.

Cartoon HD

However, if you are willing to overlook this fact, things are not as dull as it seems. Cartoon HD was known to live stream TV Series as they aired in the US. This is a primary feature that the fans are expected to miss. FliXanity however offers most of the features available on Cartoon HD.

For additional news, reports and updates on Cartoon HD, stay tuned as we return with the latest information from the world of technology!

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