‘Frozen 2’ Should Explore Crossover Possibility with ‘Tangled,’ According to Fans

The sequel to the most successful animated film in history “Frozen” is already confirmed for a 2018 release.

Most of the characters on the first film will return to “Frozen 2” while Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee were already confirmed to once again share directing honors to the upcoming film.

The only remaining mystery to fans these days is the main plotline of the movie. Chris Buck did reveal a few months ago that he already knows how to end the sequel, but he and Jennifer are still figuring it out how to start it.

Fans took it to mean that the co-writers and directors of the movie are still exploring options on what is the best suited plotline for the movie, which would make “Frozen 2” match if not surpass both fan expectations and box-office result of its predecessor.

A number of rumored plotlines have come out on the internet since Disney officially green-lit the movie in March, but all of them are merely speculations going from wittingly funny to almost insanely absurd.

Mixing it up with Rapunzel

The latest fan suggestion about the possible plotline of “Frozen 2” is the movie’s crossover with “Tangled” as detailed by Latinos Health. It would certainly be interesting to see Rapunzel mixing it up with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, but that would really be wishful thinking. It can be recalled that in “Frozen,” Rapunzel and Eugene had cameo roles.

Fans of both animated movies can’t help but compare the similarities between Rapunzel and Eugene and that of Anna and Kristoff. So it would be interesting to explore that in a movie which can only be possible if “Frozen 2” considers crossing over with “Tangled.”

Some of the more creative fans even go to the point of coming up with a theory of the possible relationship between Rapunzel and Elsa and Anna.

Another interesting fan theory which Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee may have already considered in the plotline for “Frozen 2” is how Elsa got her powers in the first place. It was never shown in “Frozen” because she already had it even when she was still young.

From all those fan theories, it seems that the last idea will be the one to be given more thought of by Buck and Lee because it would really be interesting to delve on it since much of the story of “Frozen 2” will dwell this time on Queen Elsa, how she got her powers, and her possible romantic relationship in the movie.

The Queen will find love

It can be recalled that Queen Elsa did not have a romantic partner in the first movie as it was only Princess Anna and Kristoff who were the film’s love pair.

Reports have it that Queen Elsa will rightfully get her man on “Frozen 2” but everything is speculation at this point. First, there was a report that it could be Prince Hans who will be returning as a better person.

Frozen 2

Then there was a report that Elsa might be paired with another female character because it will turn out that she is gay, a rumor which Disney would not likely to touch on given its sensitive nature, despite the fact that same-sex marriage has already been made legal by the US Supreme Court just recently.

And finally, there is the report about Olaf turning into a prince or something to become Elsa’s new love interest, which was also mentioned by the Ecumenical News in a recent report.

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