For Having the Same Universe, Valve May Release ‘Half Life 3’ and ‘Portal 3’ as One Game

Game developer Valve Corporation has announced as early as last year that it is working on the development of the first-person shooter video game “Half Life 3.”

But nothing has been heard from the developer since, prompting gamers to speculate what’s keeping Valve from finally launching and eventually releasing to the retail markets “Half Life 3.”

However, one astute gamer disclosed that the reason why Valve has not made any headway on “Half Life 3” is due to the fact that the developer is also working on “Portal 3,” cites the Youth Health Mag.

But instead of coming up with two different games, Valve is reportedly working to combine both “Half Life 3” and “Portal 3” and launch it altogether as one. This theory was actually posted on Reddit by one user named as Inexort.

Sharing the same universe

Inexort actually explained the connection between “Portal” and “Half Life” as the two video games share the same universe.

He said that Aperture Science is a rival business to Black Mesa. In Episode 2 of “Half Life 2,” players were confronted with the Borealis for the first time. Borealis was featured on “Portal 2” as being part of the drydock.

“Portal 1” and “Portal 2” were released after “Half Life 2” while Episode 2 was launched with “Portal 1” that introduced the Borealis.

Instead of releasing a new “Half Life” game, Valve opted to release “Portal 2” which gave gamers the opportunity to visit the drydock.

Based on initial gameplay information on “Half Life 3,” Gordon Freeman has to get closer with the Aperture Science in order to get to the Borealis. Thus, he might be force to use the Aperture Science technique.

Inexort explains that the final point is that a player might get a Portal Gun which integrates Portal game mechanics in “Half Life 3.” It is not difficult to surmise that “Portal 2” could have been the way to make people comfortable with the game mechanics in preparation for “Half Life 3.”

Ready to make the sequel

When “Half Life 3” has been confirmed, Gabe Newell explained that they will be doing the sequel should Valve employees agree to do it.

Newell said that the only reason why he’d go back and do a super classic kind of product is if many people at Valve would say that they wanted to do it and have a reasonable explanation for it.

So doing another “Half Life” game and choosing to ignore the learnings that the developer got when it shipped out “Portal 2” would mean that he is not taking the advise too seriously because that has been proven to be a bad choice in the past.

Rectifying the situation would require that Valve develops “Half Life 3” and “Portal 3” and combined them into one game.

Half-Life 3

Because of the absence of a concrete announcement on the release date of “Half Life 3,” fans and gamers have resorted, as expected, to speculations.

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