Finally Hannibal Season 3 Release Date And More Details Announced, Let’s Review Them

In case you have not seen a single episode, Hannibal is considered an American psychological thriller series that has been developed for NBC. Because the show is going to be in the third season, the odds are good that you are here to read about it and see what details are in store for the show. The show is based on the Red Dragon novel, which you might remember were also turned into a movie series. In the first season there was 13 episodes and fans can expect that many for future seasons as well.

Hannibal is one of the highest rated television shows right now and it appears that the cast has been moved to Italy to finish up recording the first part of the third season. According to the show’s official Twitter account, the staff was in fact in Florence to shoot scenes for the third season. A new cast member is also expected to join the rest. Fortunato Cerlino has been announced as a cast member that will be coming on for the third season.

He took to Twitter as well to announce that he would be in Italy to shoot scenes for the upcoming season. More photos were posted to Twitter with other cast members further confirming his role in the very popular show. Folks that have been noticing the filming in Italy noted that Celino and Hannibal Lector are filming scenes, but also noted that Gillian Anderson and Hugh Dancy were also spotted on scene. Two locations were revealed that include the Uffizi Museum and the Santa Maria train station. Both of which were not confirmed by the show.

According to at least one fan site, the new season will be dealing with elements from Hannibal Rising, Red Dragon and Hannibal, so that should peak your interest. The show is based on the novels, but according to one source that interviewed the creator of the show, Bryan Fuller, he had to make some “tweaks” to the original content for the third season. Fuller also explained that he did the same thing for the first two seasons of the show and that brought good success.

hannibal season 3

The show is expected to be back on your television by the spring of next year. Even though it was not revealed as to what exactly the story will be surrounding season three, it is expected to take place about 1 year after the end of season two. Videos and photos of the cast in Europe have been getting posted to social media throughout the entire month of December making it harder to keep the buzz down about the next season.

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