‘Fallout 4’ to Get No Censorship from Germany Despite World War II Theme!

German gamers of the upcoming role-playing game “Fallout 4” from Bethesda Softworks will be happy to know that unlike “Fallout 3” and “Fallout: New Vegas,” the latest video game of the franchise will not be censored or will remain uncut when it hits Germany in November.

After the video game’s official announcement on the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 in June, Bethesda has already confirmed that “Fallout 4” will be released globally on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC on November 10.

Germany is known to be among several countries who impose certain regulations or censorship on violent video games, particularly those that feature blood and gore-filled scenes and also the Nazi tones on video games that feature World War II Themes, notes VG 24/7.

But for the first time after three instalments of the game, the “Fallout 4” version of the game in Germany will be the same version that the rest of the world will receive. There will be no cuts or no model swaps which the German government previously imposed on “Fallout 3” and “Fallout: New Vegas.”

Adding more hype to the game

In order to promote the game further following its announcement during the E3 2015, Bethesda have released subsequent details about the “Fallout 4” bundles, the “Fallout 4” Pip Boy Edition, “Fallout 4” mods, “Fallout Shelter” mobile game for iOS, and many others.

But Bethesda stated that it will no longer be disclosing any further detail about the game until its official release on November 10.

However, gamers believe that it would not be the case considering the recent pronouncement of Bethesda that it will be once again delaying the development and thus the release date of the other major role-playing game “The Elder Scrolls 6” on its video game roster because it said that it plans to concentrate more on “Fallout 4” and its future contents.

This means that the game developer would surely make some revelations about “Fallout 4” as the release date draws nears because that it is the only way that it can generate more hype for the game.

Considering how highly anticipated the game is for the last few years, coupled with the excellent review of its gameplay trailer released in June, it is almost guaranteed that “Fallout 4” would bring in major revenues to Bethesda beginning from the time of its release on November 10.

In fact, Gotta Be Mobile believes that more things or offers will come out from Bethesda regarding “Fallout 4” this month and next month.

Mobile game of ‘Fallout’ franchise

Bethesda also surprised fans and gamers during the E3 2015 when it announced and released the “Fallout Shelter” for iOS.

While it was the first foray of Bethesda into the mobile gaming market, “Fallout Shelter” quickly made it to the top of the App Store chart immediately after it was released and it was even holding the No. 3 spot in terms of revenue for several days.

“Fallout Shelter” was still the No. 10 top-grossing iOS game weeks after it was released and Bethesda could not be happier since the company was not planning for the game to give top mobile games like “Game of War,” “Clash of Clans,” or “Boom Beach” a serious run for the money. But apparently, the game is doing just that which is the surprising part for the Bethesda.

According to Pete Hines, Vice President for Marketing of Bethesda, they have already developed “Fallout Shelter” long before but they had to wait for the studio announcement of “Fallout 4” during the E3 2015 because they would probably get lynched by the millions of gamers and fans who have long been waiting for the role-playing game on the gaming consoles and the PC.

Fallout 4

During the E3 2015, Bethesda made a lot of new reveals about “Fallout 4” at its pre-event press conference including the official announcement that the video game will hit the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on November 10.

Bethesda also announced during the event that while “Fallout Shelter” was released initially for the iOS devices, the company is apparently working on making the game available on Android devices too very soon.

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