Fake Cartoon HD Twitter Accounts Attempting to Scam Users!

Cartoon HD, the popular app for streaming animated series, has recently been the subject of a lot of controversy. After being taken down from the iTunes app store, the app was reincarnated in a new version that was supposed to circumvent Apple’s restrictions. And now, a new problem is coming up on the horizon – it seems that fake Twitter accounts, seemingly related to the app, have been popping up at an alarming pace and trying to trick users into downloading questionable software. This is not a rare occurrence when it comes to apps that involve copyrighted content, but the extent to which it’s been happening with Cartoon HD is more or less a precedent. No other app has seen such heavy attacks from malicious users before.

Several Twitter accounts in particular have been pointed out as obvious fakes, including a popular account named “Gappcenter”, which went through several highs and lows of followers, and at one point it was alleged that Twitter themselves are stepping in to take action against the account. Following the link in the account’s description would take users to a site that claims to be related to Cartoon HD, but this cannot be confirmed.

Hackers have also been exploiting the recent partnership between Cartoon HD and FliXanity, by setting up Twitter accounts claiming to be related to FliXanity, such as “Newflixanity”, which was yet another account pointing to an obvious phishing page. These fake accounts typically get shut down quickly, but some have managed to stay active for days on end, raising some questions about the security of Twitter’s platform as a whole.

Users who wish to keep using Cartoon HD are advised to follow the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of FliXanity (“FliXanity” on both platforms), where they can always get the latest information about the app and its current status. If the service goes down and it’s inaccessible, you’ll know from these feeds – if any other website is trying to claim that Cartoon HD has been taking down and is “generously” offering you a mirror, you should avoid it. This is the exact kind of trick that these attackers have been relying on.

Cartoon HD

The number of Twitter accounts claiming to be related to Cartoon HD has been growing, and even though Twitter have been doing their best to remedy the situation, it’s still bad at the moment. Users who wish to find out more information about Cartoon HD and want to explore the current social streams about the app should be very careful, and try to filter the information they’re reading as much as possible. Most important of all, users should avoid following any links unless they’re sure about the destination.

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