Expendables 4 Coming Back to Bulgaria with The Rock, Jackie Chan and Steven Seagal among Cast: Rumors

“The Expendables 2” had some of its scenes set in Bulgaria, and they were actually authentically filmed there – and it seems that the film’s producers took a liking to the Balkan country, as they’re planning to bring the production back to it for another round. The film could reportedly be a prequel to the story, so it makes sense that it would revisit some of the locations that the previous films were based in. And considering the positive response to the Bulgarian-filmed scenes in the first film, it’s also easy to see why the producers would want to repeat that experiment.

Meanwhile, even more great additions to the cast have been rumored for the latest installment in the franchise, including Steven Seagal and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Both have publicly expressed their interest in acting in the new film, with Seagal saying that Stallone has already contacted him a few times and they have been discussing the possibility of a new film, although they are yet to meet in person and sort out the details of his potential role.

On the other hand, The Rock has taken things one step further and stayed in an “action guy” character while talking about the possibility of acting in “The Expendables 4”, stating that he was looking forward to hunting down every member of the cast and sending them to heaven. Many saw that as a “subtle” hint to the producers regarding how The Rock wants to have his character written.

Last but definitely not least, Jackie Chan might also join the cast, despite previous rumors that his schedule was too tightly packed to allow for that. More recent reports indicate that Stallone has renewed his talks with Jackie Chan regarding his acting in “The Expendables 4”, although it’s not clear if this means that the actor could possibly end up in the new film, or if they’re actually talking about the future of the series beyond the fourth installment.

The Expendables 4

Various smaller additional rumors have been making their way around the Internet as well, and so far it generally seems that Stallone is planning to really planning to pull all stops in his new production. The previous films in the series went down in history as some of the most explosive, action-packed flicks to hit the big screen, so Stallone has quite a lot to live up to in the new fourth installment. Knowing his dedication to the franchise, and his general love for the action genre, it’s probably safe to assume that he’s going to do everything in his power to see his new production an absolute success, both with his old fans as well as any newcomers to the series.

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