Emma Stone Gained Weight After Momentary Breakup with Andrew Garfield This Year

Actress Emma Stone looks very slim and fit these days. The 26-year-old talented and gorgeous actress was spotted shopping in Los Angeles on July 23 displaying her slim figure in a super casual ensemble.

The “Conan” actress used to live in New York City for a long time before relocating to Los Angeles, obviously in an effort to be closer to work, details the Daily Mail.

The actress was not with boyfriend Andrew Garfield when she was seen and she was donning a white T-shirt and a pair of charcoal tracksuit trousers and black and white sneakers.

She was also wearing minimal locks and let her red hair flow down naturally, with tortoiseshell shades partly holding them back.

Whether fans, believe it or not, Emma has gained weight after her momentary breakup with Andrew Garfield sometime in March. They got back together again for the umpteenth time late in May.

KpopStarz revealed that Stone had put on a few pounds following her break up with Andrew this year which was one of the positive things that their recent split has brought her even through a short period of time.

Treating herself well

Putting on weight has been a problem for the actress last year and she has been the subject of many articles citing that she has become too thin. The actress admits that keeping her weight on is a struggle for her especially if she is under stress. She said that she is very much healthy and fit, even though others think that she has become too thin.

She said that it has been the way her genes have decided to go, but she is positive that things will change as time goes on as does everything.

Emma Stone also says that how she wanted to defend herself from those completely untrue statements about her health, but she decided that it’s not worth it because she knows the truth about herself.

She added that people have the right to imagine what they want to imagine, but her job during those times is to tell herself the truth. She just reminds herself to be kind and treat herself in the same gentle way as he would want to treat her imaginary daughter because it always works for her.

More open now with the relationship

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are now more open with their relationship to the public, unlike before when Andrew seems scared that they would be seen together out in the open. Emma Stone says that she and her boyfriend refuse to discuss the relationship with the public, though.

In a recent interview, Emma Stone said that she is not the type who would like to answer or respond to rumors about her and her relationship with Andrew.

If a rumor or a report, for instance, is false about her and Andrew, she would rather let it be. But she did admit that it was their busy schedules from late last year to early this year that drove a wedge on their relationship that caused the breakup.

There were reports that after they got reunited in May, Andrew Garfield has proposed to Emma Stone, and that the 26-year-old actress said yes to his proposal.

emma stone and andrew garfield

Their recent breakup and absence from each other have made each other’s heart grow fonder. Prior to their latest split, the couple has been on a four-year relationship that began during the filming of “The Amazing Spider-Man” series.

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