Elio Motors Continue their Battle for Law Changes, When Is the Company Planning Its Major Release

Elio Motors used to be quite prominent in the news, but there hasn’t been that much talk about the company in recent weeks. Some have attributed that to possible incoming bad news, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. From what we’re able to see about the company’s work, they just have a lot going on behind the scenes right now, and it’s reasonable to believe that they would focus more on working on their actual product, rather than keeping up a public appearance.

Most recently, their main goal was to push some legislative changes forward, necessary for their first release to be successful. The problem is that the company’s first vehicle should be legally classified as a motorcycle due to its physical configuration, but it’s actually not a motorcycle, and it’s closer to a regular car in its design.

While that may not have been a problem if it was just a simple matter of naming, the issue goes deeper than that – the law says that motorcycle riders should always wear a helmet, something which makes no sense with the enclosed design of Elio’s vehicle, which protects the driver much like a regular vehicle.

Because of this, Elio Motors have been in active talks with politicians, trying to get them to change the system so that the company can make their first release properly. It’s not clear how far they’ve managed to get in those negotiations, but there have been some rumors that the company is making significant progress, and that it’s looking more and more likely that they will be successful.

It should also be noted that the helmet requirement isn’t universal, and in fact, there are just five states that have it as a strict requirement in the US right now. The proposed new bill will introduce an entirely new class of vehicles, called “autocycle”, which will cover the design of Elio’s model, and will remove the helmet requirement for vehicles in this category. All things considered, this makes perfect sense and should be the right way to go, as opposed to trying to change motorcycle laws.

Elio Motors

If all goes well, the first release of Elio Motors should happen in 2016, when they will bring their revolutionary ride to the market. The company is aiming to deliver a low-cost, economic and compact model that works well for urban drivers and commuters. They have managed to attract a lot of attention to their project ever since first announcing it, and even though it seemed that they were slowing down their work at some point, the company is still moving forward with their car design and don’t seem to have any intentions of stopping anytime soon.


  1. getting laws changed is the LEAST of their problems right now. Getting funding so that they can actually start production is their most pressing problem…they are still $230 million short. And if they don’t don’t find funding soon, it’s likely that they will lose their lease on the Shreveport plant.

  2. The problem with being $240 million short … is not having the $240 million you need to start making cars. The steps that they are taking to fix legislation are important ones. But unless someone steps in an makes a huge investment (not likely) then there will never be an Elio on the road. I can’t help but wonder if the real goal of the legislative battles is to try and spread word and start conversations about the car. In which case – bravo! But … you still need that money. What’s the plan there?

  3. Elio Motors Refunds – You may file a refund request with The Federal Trade Commission. Mr. Elio has collected over $16 million in deposits from customers by claiming false production dates and a false sales price. He gave false production dates knowing he did not have the money to produce these while continuing to collect millions from potential customers. He has stated he is several hundred $$$ away from achieving his advertised price of $6800. He has been off on so many projections that if he admits being several hundred $$$ away from $6800 then its suspected he is probably actually several thousand $$$ away. He does not disclose to the public that he states in the purchase agreement that he does not guarantee the sales price or to ever produce or sell these cars. You don’t see this disclosure until you have made the decision to buy this and get all the way to the payment screen after entering your personal information. From there you have to scroll down a drop box to read that he promises nothing for your deposit. Once you add all the costs he has not considered it is suspected this should sell for over $19,000. He has been asked to guarantee the advertised $6800 price to those who have placed deposits. He could still charge more after production to those without reservations. He seems to ignore questions about price. He is spending the deposits he collects on travel, hotels, salaries, marketing, etc. to get more deposits.


    1. There is Elio’s most dedicated stalker, Kathy! How did I know you would be making your negative comments here. Please let us know how YOU calculated the cost to be over $19000. A Nissan Versa, which is a CAR you can buy today, sells for $11,990. This is literally about half of that car, so why exactly would it cost $7000 more? Please remind us where YOU got your wealth of automobile manufacturing knowledge? What school did you get your engineering degree from?

      Remind us all Kathy, how much money have you personally put into this company?

      1. You are correct, Soothsayer; Kathy does not provide any evidence of how she arrives at her COST; but neither has Paul Elio provided any DATA at how he arrives at the ‘unbelievable’ low cost of $6,800….. not in the last seven YEARS that he has been ‘hawking’ this machine. And he has not built and tested ONE Pre-Production vehicle…. to validate any of his ‘claims’.

  4. Should had help GM but no Bobby Jindal is an union buster. Hows that Right to Work law working out for ya. The Right to Watch Tax Dollars go in a whole.

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