Elder Scrolls 6 Announced? Possibly Scheduled for March 2016!

It was expected that Bethesda would unveil the next “Elder Scrolls” at the Playstation Experience Event, but fans may have already gotten their announcement, at least unofficially. According to an alleged leak from Bethesda’s offices, the game’s release date is scheduled for March 2016, and the announcement at the Playstation Experience Event is still coming as planned.

Seeing the game around this time would make sense in many ways – on one hand, it would coincide with the average release schedule of Bethesda, as the company takes several years to produce an “Elder Scrolls” game. On the other, the game won’t have that much competition if it comes out in March 2016, although plenty more games could be announced until then of course.

Rumors have pointed at Argonia as the potential location for the new game. Moving away from the snowy mountaintops of Skyrim, the sixth “Elder Scrolls” will be set in a swampy marshland, and according to people close to the project, fans who have enjoyed “Morrowind” for its setting should feel right at home with the new game.

Whatever location the studio chooses, they should of course remember that the series is primarily successful for its approach to atmosphere and immersion, giving players the opportunity to dive into a rich, lively world. This was constantly quoted as the main reason why “The Elder Scrolls Online” was received so poorly. The game was moderately successful, but a lot of fans saw it as a disappointment, as according to them it felt like a regular grindy RPG more than an actual “Elder Scrolls” game.

On the other hand, each new Bethesda game tends to come out full of bugs and unpolished features, and they usually require a few patches to bring them to a proper state. Fans have been hopeful that Bethesda have finally learned how to make a proper release this time around, because there are certainly lots of eyes on “Elder Scrolls 6”, and this game will have a strong impact on the company’s popularity.

Elder Scrolls 6

The company has certainly gained a lot of experience over the last few years, including with their problems surrounding “The Elder Scrolls Online”. Some rumors have been claiming that the company is looking to significantly improve the depth of the game, something that has been lacking in each subsequent installment of the series so far, but it’s not known how this will be realized. The major feature that fans have been requesting an improvement in, is the depth of the quests – some have been asking that Bethesda get rid of the arrow pointing towards the objective, and replace it with a proper backstory behind each quest, like the games had before.


  1. Been a huge fan since Morrowind, but I still haven’t finished Oblivion or Skyrim yet. Can’t even keep up with their super slow release schedule.

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