The Effect of 50 Pushups a Day

It has become the fad of both young and old people today to become fit and in shape. To eat healthier and to stay in shape is living towards a fulfilling lifestyle. There are limitless blogs and articles about dieting and certainly about exercise as well. I bet if you just search any of the topics, there would be at least a million hits.

I used to have this theory that if you want to eat whatever you want, the carbs and that sweet delish dessert, you can. You just have to exercise twice as hard, that is.

With social media, it is easy to compare ourselves to just about anyone. We can observe and be part of a celebrity’s new diet or workout routine just by checking out their Instagram. Believe me, scanning those pictures of perfect bodies do seem to influence me and a whole lot of generation out there.

But how do we make it as perfect and flawless? They seem to go to the gym all the time without worrying with their other responsibilities while I sit here procrastinating and being anxious at the same time because I’m not doing something about my own responsibilities.

I believe exercising is dependent on the individual’s physical ability and interest. Personally, pushups do it for me. I wanted to stretch my endurance. While it was a horror at first, I wanted to give my mind and body a favor.

Pushups actually are one of the easiest exercises. It stretches nearly all parts of your muscles which make them more toned and increases your endurance. A standard pushup form puts your body in a long, straight plank with abs flexed to support your back. Stack your shoulders over your wrists and keep your elbows as tight to your body as you can. When you perform a correct pushup, all the major muscles in your body are activated. Thus, you train almost all the muscles in your body.

The back muscles are stretched when you lower yourself to the floor and as you push yourself up, the biceps obtain a full stretch. The stretching improves your flexibility that prevents injuries and at the same time stabilizing your back muscles and improves your posture.

There are many workout challenges in the web that you can choose anything that fits your lifestyle. One prominent and most tried challenge is the 50 pushups a day. If you are a beginner, this would certainly be difficult but eventually as your body becomes accustomed to the stretching, you will progress physically and mentally.

One can start from scratch with just 5 pushups a day until it becomes 50. Remember though, doing 50 pushups continuously will most likely make your body more sore than it was before. It was recommended that you have to take time to rest as much as needed to break it into sets. For example, you can do 5 sets into 10 intervals or the other way around, depending on your strength and commitment.

More importantly, it improves the circulation in your body and also makes the heart grow stronger. Therefore, leading you to a healthier lifestyle. If you do it consistently, that is.

50 pushups a dayOver time, clear results appear on your toned biceps and triceps and help you lose that extra weight.

No matter how many pushups you can do if you don’t do it correctly it will put you at risk for injury. But with the right mind and heart, it will not be difficult for you to try 50 pushups a day. Just do it, it might be the right kind of exercise for you.

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