Earth Will Be the Main Setting for Prometheus 2, Are the Engineers under Someone’s Command? Let’s See

Ridley Scott has been hard at work on the script for “Prometheus 2”, and after making various special changes to the writing, it seems like he’s finally happy with the result and wants to move on with the main production. Right now, the working title for the film has been set to “Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth”, and while we don’t know if that name will stay until the film is released, it does confirm Scott’s claims that the story will be based on Earth.

Before that, he also revealed that there are no plans to bring back the xenomorphs for this film. There are various reasons for that decision, and a part of it is based on the fact that Scott wants to avoid any serious overlaps with the “Alien” franchise, which is being handled separately and needs to have its own distinct look.

In fact, Scott has previously been in some discussions with Nimrod Antal and Neill Blomkamp to ensure that he’s not stepping on anybody’s toes with his production, and he wanted to be sure that the universes of their respective films aren’t going to interfere with one another. So far, this seems to be coming along nicely.

And while the xenomorphs aren’t coming back, fans will definitely still see various scary creatures on their screens – according to initial reports, the new enemies will actually be even more impressive than the original xenomorphs, and will be designed with the idea of instilling as much fear as possible in the viewers. There will actually be two new monsters introduced in this film, and while they will bear some resemblance to xenomorphs, they will still be very different and stand out on their own.

The new film is going to see the Engineers embarking on an important quest, and it looks like their role in the plot has been expanded even further for this film. They were already important characters in the original, but now it looks like they will be given an even more prominent place in the plot.

Prometheus 2

Speaking of the plot, reports indicate that it will be split up into three parts, and the final part will show Dr. Shaw and David searching for the home of the Engineers, a place that will eventually end up being called the Paradise. Exact details about the plot remain unconfirmed, but we have been hearing various rumors that the Engineers will be working under the command of a greater force, one that will be revealed in the new film.

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