Dumbo Remake: Cast Rumors and Release Date

One adorable CGI elephant is coming up – we bet you are all curious as to who will keep him company, as well as when you will get to see him on the big screen, so we got some really good news!

If nothing else, when Disney bites into an idea, they do not let go. So, the trend of turning animated classics into movies continues with the new live-action Dumbo movie that is already in the making.

What’s cooking

This new craze seems to be moving ahead full steam. After Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass chopped up our childhood memories of Alice, came Cinderella and The Jungle Book that rekindled our love for Disney tales. And with the raging success that live-action adaptation od Beauty and the Beast is, we are not surprised that Disney is preparing a few movie adaptations of the animated films we all know and love.

Announced for November 2018 is an all new Mulan. We are not certain that she will live up to the originals’ success, but we are holding our fingers crossed.

Rumour is, that after Mulan, we will also get to see the remake of Aladdin, with a surprise director – Guy Ritchie.

After doing The Jungle Book, Jon Favreau will be returning to Disney in order to direct The Lion King, and if the rumors about the cast are true, we will love it.

Also in the works are The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, The Sword in the Stone, Pinocchio and many others. But, as we still know very little about these, there is one upcoming adaptation that rumors are already leaking about.


Whether the idea of Tim Burton directing this is a good idea or not, we have yet to see. When we look back at his work, it seems that he is a perfect match for the unfortunate story about a circus elephant ridiculed about the size of his ears.

From what we heard, the script expands on the original story, adding a human family into the mix. We sincerely hope that this upcoming live-action reboot will empower Dumbo just as Burton did with all the other weirdo’s in his filmography. The script is coming from the writer of Transformers: Age of Extinction Ehren Kruger, so we wonder if he will truly manage to persuade us that elephants can fly.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “The new take involves the adaptation of the original movie while adding a unique family story that parallels Dumbo’s story.” Real elephants will not be used, this film will be a combination of CGI and live action.

Reportedly, the new version will cut out outdated elements, as well as racially offensive jive-talking crows.

Star Power

The film’s succesdumbo remake release dates greatly hangs on the actors. If Disney manages to attract huge stars, we can bet it will be an instant success just like Beauty and the Beast. According to recent reports, Disney is perfectly aware of this, since they are offering roles to some amazing actors.

First is Will Smith, who is still in negotiations with the House of Mouse over the role. Main reason for this is the fact that the third Bad Boys film, titled Bad Boys for Life is set to film at the same time as Dumbo, which basically leads to this film being pushed back if Will accepts a role in Dumbo.

For the role of the father of the human family that is being added to the story, Disney is reportedly also thinking about Colin Farrell.

Another huge name is Tom Hanks, and according to some sources, he is being offered to portray the film’s villain. Hanks is now in front of a tough choice, as he has to pick between Dumbo and a World War Two drama The Grey Hound.

Danny De Vito is also in negotiations and is expected to be Medici – a man who runs the smaller circus that gets acquired by the evil top circus villain Vandermere (hopefully Tom Hanks).

Another actor in early talks for a role in this reboot is Eva Green. If cast, she would play the key role of Colette, a trapeze artist from France, who works for Vandermere.

Release date

Sadly, with the talks about the lead rolls still in progress, the filming cannot start yet, which basically means we will have to wait a while before this remake hits the cinemas. At least until 2019.

Still, we heard that Mary Poppins will come before Dumbo, in 2018 to be precise, so you will have other remakes to binge on while waiting for this one.

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