‘Downton Abbey’ Season 6 May Usher a Subsequent Film, a Stage Play or a Musical, Says Creator Julian Fellowes

Julian Fellowes is the man who penned every episode of “Downton Abbey” without any help from anybody or from a team of writers or what is often referred to as a writers’ room like most TV series of such magnitude normally requires.

He said that he wrote every word of every episode of “Downton Abbey” and he really values it. If there is somebody who knows every bit of detail of every episode of the very popular TV series, it is no other than Fellowes.

Despite being proud of his achievement, Julian Fellowes is not the type to gloat over it or compare himself to other writers. But kibitzers do recognize that guys like Julian Fellowes is a rare breed, especially in American TV series.

In fact, there is hardly any TV series in the US these days that is written by one writer only, with the exception of “True Detective” but is currently on its second season this year.

Fellowes also does not have anything against writers’ room because he just got so used to writing all by his lonesome so he finds the structure quite admirable really.

It is really difficult to mesh the thoughts of one writer with another and then singularly come up with common points along the way and eventually a good windup.

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