DIY Teeth Whitening Trends That Are Not Getting Results!

For the most part, people are not supposed to have perfectly white teeth. They are off-white for a reason and that is before the smoking and coffee gets to them. The teeth whitening trend has been going on for many years now and because it is so popular, there are many companies out there that are taking a stab at being the right company for you. If you find that you would like to try teeth whitening, you are also going to see the cost that it will be to you.

Since the cost has not really come down over the last 10 years, many DIY techniques have popped up online and they have people running to the store in order to get what they need to make their own concoction. People on the internet are all about doing things themselves, but is a homemade teeth whitening potion really safe for your teeth or your health overall? Some dentists took to the web to make sure that people know what the problems are that come with doing your own teeth whitening.

According to one dentist, most of the teeth whitening solutions that are on the market are very calm options when it comes to using chemicals to get the job done. Now that more people have been trying to find cheaper ways, the chemicals they use are a lot more harsh and can in some case eat the enamel right off your teeth. Some chemicals are so bad they are leaving young people with teeth that look like they belong to an 80-year old.

Because your tooth only has so much enamel on it, once it is damaged and gone that leaves you in a big trouble for the rest of your life. According to news reports, some people have gone so far as to rub their teeth with scouring powder or even Toilet Duck, which is a solution that you can use to clean your toilet and it contain strong bleach and other chemicals. If you are not going to use a store bought option, or go to a cosmetic dentist to get it done right, you might be asking for trouble.

teeth whitening

In order to get in on the trend, some hairdressers and beauticians are getting into the business and offering lower rates. The lower prices bring in the clients, but the end results are not going to be the same. According to one doctor, the only thing that will whiten your teeth is hydrogen peroxide or something that is derived from it. Some news sources report that beauticians are using chlorine dioxide, or swimming pool bleach to get the job done. That will eat away your enamel and leaves the dentine, which is brown in color.

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