Disney Pictures Will Make Sure that ‘Frozen 2’ Will Be Truly Amazing

With the resounding success of “Frozen” late in 2013 which eventually became the most successful animated film in history, any attempt to make a sequel out of it will surely be under extreme pressure to either match its level or better yet, surpass it.

But Disney Pictures knows that is easier said than done. It has attempted the same feat with some of its most successful animated films like “Fantasia,” “Rescuers Down Under,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Alladin,” among many others but it turns out that the sequels were just good enough for home videos and not for theatrical release, notes iDigital Times.

The pressure is also heavy on co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee to deliver something very good and call “Frozen 2” not just the sequel of the most successful animated film in history but the equally or better sequel of the once most successful animated film in history.

Apparently, Disney is taking its sweet time not to rush the film because they would not want to make a half-baked sequel at all, committing instead to make “Frozen 2” truly amazing.

With that being said, Disney actually relinquishes the pressure to its two directors for “Frozen 2,” the other one of whom (Jennifer Lee) shall also be writing the screenplay for the film.

Starts with the good ending

In a recent interview with Chris Buck, he said that the ending for “Frozen 2” has already been agreed upon, probably between him and Jennifer, and that they are now brainstorming on how to start it right and integrated the pieces and mesh it together to make an amazing another animated movie.

But the duo has plenty of time they need to come up with something great and amazing as reports have it that Disney would not be releasing “Frozen 2” until 2018.

As Chris Buck did not mention any specifics about the movie’s planned ending, describing it only as terrific, the pronouncement led to speculations about what would it be, mostly focusing on the possible love interest for Queen Elsa.

Many fans of “Frozen” are pushing Olaf to become the love interest of Queen Elsa since the snow character embodies true love and selflessness in the first film. But of course, Olaf’s character should be refreshed and modified, and that there should be a twist in his character if he is to become Queen Elsa’s love interest for the sequel.

There have also been previous reports that a reformed Prince Hans would also be back for “Frozen 2” to redeem himself for his villainous role in the first animated film and will eventually become Queen Elsa’s love interest.

Returning main characters

“Frozen 2” will see the return of the main characters of the first film including Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven.


The plot of the second movie could be similar as “Ozma of Oz” but fans are more excited on who would be the love interest of Queen Elsa since she did not have any at all during the first movie.

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