Dishonored 2 Most Likely Coming in 2016, Should Not Be Delayed!

As Bethesda obviously have quite a lot on their plate right now, the studio has been surrounded by some rumors regarding one of their titles, “Dishonored 2”. According to some of those rumors, the company would not be able to meet their planned release date for the game and will have to delay it by some time, but it doesn’t seem like those rumors are going to end up true after all. Which is good, because some fans were getting worried about the possibility of having to wait longer to see the title, given the delay between it and the first game.

It was under a major question mark whether Bethesda would decide to continue the franchise in the first place, but it was obvious that they had a lot invested in its future and were determined to do the best for their fans. On the other hand, the studio has been taking on quite a lot of projects lately, so some were questioning if they would be able to handle everything adequately. But in the end, it’s pretty clear that Bethesda know what they are doing.

Currently, the game is expected to arrive in the spring of 2016, and even though that’s a relatively vague release period, it at least means that the title shouldn’t be delayed until the later months of the year, and will be out in time for the summer season. On the other hand, according to some fans this could also have some implications for the release dates of other titles by the studio, but Bethesda are most likely keeping their development quite compartmentalized in order to avoid interference between their different teams.

Because of this, we wouldn’t really expect the development pace of “Dishonored 2” to have any real impact on the way titles like the next “Elder Scrolls” or “Doom” are progressing, but there might be some minor overlap between those teams that could make this possible. In the end, it’s hard to tell what’s going on behind the doors of Bethesda, and the studio is generally somewhat secretive about their current projects, especially when it concerns a major title in their portfolio.

There have been some interesting rumors about the gameplay changes that might come with this game in the meantime. According to some members of the community, we could see a lot of improvement in the stealth aspect, while at the same time the game could rely a bit more heavily on atmosphere in order to create its immersion and suck the player in.

Last but not least, it could also offer players more choices for how they want to approach any given situation, and this is something that many players wanted to see in the original game in the first place. It looked like it would give players lots of options for how they want to approach the levels, but in the end the best way was always the violent one, and the game wasn’t quite that varied in this regard.

Dishonored 2

Because of this, there has been a lot of hope among fans that this game would correct all mistakes made by the original and will truly move the franchise forward into the state it was supposed to be in from the beginning. The idea behind “Dishonored” was one with a huge potential, it just needed some extra effort in its implementation in order to truly work. And now, with “Dishonored 2”, fans could finally get the title they have been asking for.

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