Digestive Pain Can Be Caused By Many Things!

Just like dealing with acid reflux, digestive pain can be caused by many things. Many of them, which happen in your daily life, can be controlled with a few adjustments to your lifestyle. Most of the time it is a simple change to your diet that can be the most effective. Digestive pain can be completely uncomfortable to have, while at the same time it can be hard to talk about. Without going to a trained physician it can easily be attributed to an upset stomach or even gas.

Disorders that include digestive pain are on the rise for millions of Americans and most of them are caused by being overweight and other factors. According to one doctor, the increase of clinic visits and hospitalizations due to digestive pain are cause for concern in the medical profession. Just like we mentioned previously, simple lifestyle changes can do wonders for your digestive pain, and other types of pain that you might suffer from.

Most patients that are suffering from digestive pain will experience the pain because of one of eight very common ailments. Acid reflux is one thing that can cause digestive pain and although many things can cause it, acid reflux can be cured without medication or surgery before it gets to be to severe. Peptic ulcers are another thing that can cause digestive pain. Pain in your stomach can be easily misdiagnosed and many times people will reach for a pain reliever of some sort, but the fact is that makes it worse.

A recent study shows that more than 25 million Americans suffer from peptic ulcers and if you think you are part of that group, you need to see a doctor and get tested for Helicobacter pylori. Using NSAID to relieve pain every day is the number one cause of these ulcers. Gallstones, being lactose intolerant and diverticulitis are also common things that are associated with digestive pain. Many Americans are lactose intolerant and suffer the after affects when consuming certain types of dairy.

digestive pain

Diverticulitis affects more than 60 percent of Americans that are over the age of 70 and can cause series digestive pain because it is something that affects the intestinal tract. Only 20 percent of those experience severe pain caused by a tear or abscess in the intestine. Other factors that can cause digestive pain include Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Celiac Disease and even things as simple as constipation. IBD affects millions of Americans and could result in surgery in severe cases. Only 1 percent of the population in the United States suffers from celiac disease and cannot eat gluten as it will cause digestive pain.

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