Details about New Characters in Star Wars: Episode 7 Coming Out!

The new installment in the “Star Wars” franchise is already enjoying a huge amount of hype, as can be expected for a film with its popularity – and it seems that the studio is really trying hard to impress their fans, and they are looking to make some interesting changes to the plot and cast. Various new characters have been revealed already, and while not a lot is known about some of them, others have been shown in a bit more detail. Finn, Rey, Captain Phasma – these are just some of the new names that are going to enter the story in the new installment in the franchise, but what can fans expect from them exactly?

Disney and Lucasfilm have decided to build hype about the new characters in a peculiar way, by releasing an old-school set of trading cards styled like they were produced several decades ago, although the cards have been released in a digital format. On them, fans can learn the names of some of the new characters from the upcoming film, as well as see who’ll be playing them.

Finn is apparently played by Jon Boyega, while Rey is handled by Daisy Ridley – although that’s the extent to which we know about the two new characters. In addition, Oscar Isaac is joining the cast as Poe Dameron, which is actually a name that has already been featured in the “Star Wars” universe. Fans have noticed that the character is mentioned in the Wiki for the franchise, described as an X-Wing pilot. However, the Wiki doesn’t make it clear who the other two characters are, as there are none named Ray, and several named Finn with no clear indication of which of them is the one from the trading cards.

Another character that has been the subject of much speculation and discussions from fans, has been Captain Phasma. Details about this character are completely unknown so far, and it was only revealed because its name was part of a trademark application. The name doesn’t have any prior history in the universe of the film, so it will likely be a completely newly developed character – something which fans have been even more excited about.

Star Wars Episode 7

As can be expected, there’s a lot of speculation regarding this character, and the most prominent theory so far points towards Gwendoline Christie as the possible actress for it. If these rumors turn out to be true, Captain Phasma will be a chrome high-ranking stormtrooper, and although she’ll be on the evil side of the film’s conflict, she won’t be the main villain, but merely a side character. Of course, these are still just rumors at this point.

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