‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 Returns with a Reid-Centric Midseason Premiere Episode

BAU investigates whether the last cab or the ride-share service the victims rode before getting killed could lead them to the UnSub.

The episode was written by Karen Maser, and directed by Tawnia McKieman. Episode 12 is set to air on January 20.

Meanwhile, CBS has also released the synopsis for episode 13. The episode titled “The Bond” revolves around the BAU heading to the South in order to track a killer.

Spoiler TV reports that victims have been left at truck stop restrooms along highways all across the South and the team is on a mission to find the killer and a motive.

In more “Criminal Minds” news, four-time Emmy nominee Danny Glover will be joining the show in a key role during the Season 11’s pivotal episode.

As per TV Line, the 69-year-old actor will guest-star in the season’s 16th episode as the father of Derek Morgan. This comes as a surprise as Derek’s dad has long been established to be dead.

The episode is titled “Derek” and strongly suggests that it will revolve around the BAU’s Supervisory Special Agent.

Showrunner Erica Messer shares that the episode is written beautifully and that fans need to stay tuned for that episode as Derek will be needing his father’s help to work through some things.

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