Continuum Season 4 Confirmed for 2015 Release, Is It Going to Be the End? More Details!

“Continuum” fans have been growing more and more frustrated lately due to the lack of news about the show’s development, and it’s now been confirmed that the production has been renewed for a shorter fourth season. And while the news is generally good, it also came as a bit alarming to some fans, as there’s a good reason to believe that the show is about to finish after season 4 airs.

The show has had a great run so far, starring Rachel Nichols in the role of a police officer from the near future, using time travel to come to our modern time. The new season has been confirmed by Nichols on Twitter, so it’s an official confirmation, or at least as official as we’re going to get anyway.

The new season won’t be a full one, but rather a shortened season containing only six episodes. According to current reports, it’s also set to be the last season of the show – this was also confirmed in a tweet by Nichols, so it seems to be official, much to the disappointment of fans waiting for any news.

There is definitely something good to take out from the whole situation though – the show will at least get a proper ending, something which was on the table previously after it was rumored that the third season was going to be its last. Season 3 ended on a serious cliffhanger, and many fans were worried to learn that this might actually be the final conclusion for the show as a whole, something which would have left many of them angry and disappointed.

Thankfully, this isn’t going to happen, and “Continuum” is going to see its story wrapped up properly when season 4 rolls around. And so far, it’s been scheduled for a release during this year, so if all goes according to plan, we should see the new episodes in a few months.

How is the story going to get wrapped up exactly? There are many possibilities, and the producers of the show can certainly do a lot over the course of six episodes, especially if they plan ahead properly. It seems like they have already put a lot of thought into the fourth season, so hopefully we’re going to see some interesting developments over the next episodes.

Continuum Season 4

While waiting for the fourth season, it might be a good idea to go through the first three and look back on the development of the original story. It could (and probably does) hold some hints about what we’re going to see in season 4, and it’s very likely that the producers had been planning the story’s conclusion since the very beginning.

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