Constantine Season 2 May Get Revived if DC Pursues the Expansion of its Extended Universe on TV!

With the successful release of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” on global theaters in the last week of March, it actually signaled the start of the expansion of the DC Comics universe on films.

Its competitor, Marvel Comics, calls its movie and TV universe as Marvel Cinematic Universe but DC Comics calls theirs as DC Extended Universe.

The DC Extended Universe may be a late bloomer on the big screen but it is certainly ahead of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the small screen.

In fact, there are now five TV series based on DC Comics characters as opposed to two based on Marvel Comics. DC would have six if not for NBC canceling the second season of the American supernatural TV series “Constantine” following its Season 1 finale in May last year.

The five TV series based on DC Comics are “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Legends of Tomorrow” on The CW, “Gotham” on Fox, and “Supergirl” on CBS. The two TV series based on Marvel Comics are “Agent Carter” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” both on Fox.

A new lease on life

Rumors have it that “Constantine” might get a new lease on life and a Season 2 revival if DC continues to develop its Extended Universe not only on the big screen but also on the small screen, reports the Ecumenical News.

The rumors also got a leg to stand on when “Constantine” actor Matt Ryan guested on the fifth episode of the current fourth season of “Arrow” aired on The CW in November last year.

While it was just a one-off deal, the ensuing speculations seem to suggest that there will be more guest appearances for Matt Ryan as John Constantine not only in “Arrow” but possibly in “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow.”

When Matt Ryan guested on “Arrow” during its November episode, the TV show had a feast in viewership as it recorded 11% rise from the previous episode, notes the Korea Portal.

However, at this point, everything remains as speculation pending the confirmation from either Warner Bros Television or DC Comics, who partnered together to bring the DC Extended Universe on the big screen recently via the blockbuster hit “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” to be followed by “Suicide Squad” to hit theaters in August this year.

Did not meet network’s expectations

NBC was apparently disappointed with the live ratings of “Constantine,” pointing to an over-saturation of comic-inspired TV series. Network officials said back then that they wish that the show had done better live but it did not. “Constantine” did not come out the way they wanted it to be. As much as they love the show, from the business standpoint, it did not do the network well.

When NBC canceled “Constantine” in May last year, there were attempts to have the network reconsider its decision. One of them is through a petition, which unfortunately did not muster enough numbers for NBC to even give a second thought about its decision.

The other effort is courtesy of “Constantine” executive producer Daniel Cerone who went out of his way to liaise with other networks in order to rescue the show from cancellation. He gave himself until the end of June last year but unfortunately, nothing came out of it so he finally gave up.

Cerone was perhaps among the first few people who got excited when Matt Ryan, played John Constantine once again in a cameo appearance in “Arrow” on The CW.

While Ryan’s guesting on “Arrow” momentarily opened the possibility that “Constantine” may get revived by another network, the former showrunner eventually accepted the fact that the show is over and done with.


Thus, he has moved on to become one of the writers of the American crime drama TV series “The Blacklist” also on NBC which is now on its third season. The show has already been renewed for Season 4 so it is likely that Cerone will have a bigger role in the next season, perhaps as one of the show’s executive producers.

Following Matt Ryan’s guesting on “Arrow” in an episode of Season 4 late last year, there have been talks that his John Constantine character may appear again in future episodes of “Arrow.”


  1. Really would love to see them being back the series. I know it didn’t get the greatest ratings but now that it is somewhat a part of the Arrowverse I think that alone could boost the ratings, plus many like me just didn’t realize it was there until it was too late. I’m not going to get my hopes up but it would be amazing!

  2. Since they have gone to great lengths to make their TV and film project completely disconnected, it is unreasonable to refer to the various TV shows as part of the DC extended multiverse. They have forced the TV shows to relinquish characters, and there are going to be two different Flashes.

  3. I really enjoyed this show. Would love to see it back. Especially on a monday or friday on CW. Also note that Agent Carter (Now Cancelled) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are on ABC not FOX

  4. This show has REALLY strong potential. I hope it gets another go, especially on CW.
    I can understand the disconnect between TV and film. You set yourself up on an expensive route otherwise. I like that Marvel does it, but I prefer the disconnect because you can two different types of approaches, which DC does often.

    In fact, I’m amazed Marvel does it because i think it would be incredibly expensive to keep the same actors, and when you can’t get them you have to sacrifice the story to accommodate.

    Interesting times.

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