Clash of Clans New Features Rumored to Be Coming Soon, Clash Con Scheduled for October!

Even though “Clash of Clans” has been getting updated quite regularly, it looks like the game is still missing a few features that players were hoping to already have available. The last major update came out on July 1, and it brought various improvements to the game, such as level 5 dragons and balance changes that made the game more polished and fair for everyone.

And yet, some of the features that were rumored to be coming in the update were missing, as apparently they weren’t ready for an actual release. So now, they’ve been pushed to the next big update, and even though some players were disappointed by this announcement, it’s of course much better than getting the update early and finding many bugs in it.

One of the features that were rumored to be coming was a level 11 upgrade for Town Halls, and this never happened. Players with a level 10 Town Hall still don’t have much to do other than loot bases and keep building walls, but this might start to get repetitive for some players sooner or later, so the developers should look into adding the next level as soon as possible.

So far, it’s rumored that it’s coming in either the update for Christmas 2015, or sometime in early 2016, although it would be pretty bad if it really does get delayed so much. The feature was allegedly close to being finished when the previous update came out, so it would be strange if it had to be pushed back so much, but we don’t know what the developers are doing with it.

It’s possible that they have found some balance issues with level 11 Town Halls and had to postpone the update until those could be addressed, or it could have clashed with their other recent additions to the game. In any case, when the new Town Hall upgrade hits the game, it should be carefully balanced to fit in with the overall system quite nicely.

Other than the level 5 dragon, players also got some balancing changes in the new update, such as preventing them from using lightning spells to destroy elixir storage to steal loot, although the spell still works for killing enemy troops and resource collectors. On the other hand, the new level 5 dragon costs 8 million elixir and it requires an upgrade on the Laboratory, but on the other hand, level 4 dragons now cost just 6 million elixir and don’t require an upgraded laboratory.

Spells now cost less training time across the board as well. Lightning and Healing for example only take 20 minutes instead of the 30 they used to, and Rage, Freeze and Jump now take 30 minutes each, instead of 45. It looks like the developers are trying to make the game faster-paced, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, as it seems to be one of the features that players want to see in the first place.

Clash of Clans

Lower-ranking players can now unlock dragons too, which should offer them good protection against higher-ranking players who have managed to build good bases already, and training costs for various units have been adjusted for some of the levels. The update also increases the hitpoint values for some buildings quite a bit, and this should change the combat system to a large extent. It remains to be seen if that change will be entirely positive though, or if players will have some negative remarks about it as well.


  1. hey plzzz get a night update next plzzz
    all here and there should be lighted so as it looked that we can war in night too
    it shouldbe depend on the local time that when here it is night in game it should be night nd when day it shoud be day
    or if its not possible plzzz only get an night update only all day and night the same it will look so intersting

  2. if supercell set time in the game (clashtime?) we can set the time with our device maybe easier for supercell for this idea happen and its so cool for game and if turn off the time no change in game sorry if i cant speak english very well

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