‘Clash of Clans’ Latest Update Comes with the Level 5 Dragon Worth 8 Million Elixir

The summer update to the freemium mobile MMO (massively multiplayer online game) strategy video game “Clash of Clans” has arrived early this month and it brings forth the Level 5 dragon, which costs eight million elixir.

The Level 5 dragon will be available with Town Hall Level 10 players, but it requires that they should have an updated laboratory.

As a result of the availability of the Level 5 dragon, the cost of Level 4 dragon has been lowered to six million elixir, but still requires the updated laboratory, details News Every Day.

The latest update to “Clash of Clans” has also made the gameplay more balanced. Gamers can no longer use lightning spells to steal loot by destroying the elixir storage of their enemies. However, the lightning spell can be used to kill the resource collectors and enemy troops.

Many of the spells in the game now require less playing training time as part of the update. Healing and lightning spells have been reduced from 30 minutes to 20 minutes training time. On the other hand, playing training time for freeze, rage, and jump spells have also been decreased from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.

The update also enables lower ranking players to unlock dragons which shall help them level the playing field with veteran players of the game and give them a fighting chance in the event of battle.

Meanwhile, the first ever “Clash of Clans” convention will be held at Helsinki in Finland, the home of game developer Supercell, on October 24. Gamers who are interested to attend to get to know more insights, as well as latest updates and future features, can avail of tickets to the event beginning on July 24.

Filipino gaming fanatics

To highlight how “Clash of Clans” has been such a big hit in the Philippines, the country’s biggest tournament for the mobile game was launched recently.

Officially titled “Philippine Clash 2015,” the tournament is envisioned to set records as the largest prize pool for a mobile gaming competition in the country, notes Inquirer.net.

Organized by Smart Communications in partnership with the Philippine eSports Organization (PeSO), eSports by Inquirer.net, SM Cyberzone, and the Philippine Clash of Clans Battleground (PCCB), the tournament will have over PhP 2 million (almost US $44,220) in prizes for participants who shall come from different parts of the country.

The event is seen to top the previous event as it shall feature a multi-stage tournament format with elimination legs to be held in major Philippine cities including Baguio, Batangas, Cebu, Davao, and Metro Manila. The tournament’s grand final match is slated in October and the tournament organizers are now calling on qualified CoC teams to show their worth and fight for the title of the Philippines’ elite clan.

Leveling the playing field

Game developer Supercell has evened out last month the playing field among gamers of “Clash of Clans” by addressing trophy dumping strategies of some gamers to gain advantage at a lower level.

Some gamers have been dumping their trophies to make attacks at a lower level within the “Clash of Clans” system, which gives them undue advantage since it would be like pitting a veteran versus a beginner in a game.

Supercell made an important update to address the problem by altering the “Clash of Clans” multiplayer algorithms to prevent or penalize trophy dumping on the platform.

Clash of Clans

According to an employee of Supercell, who used the pseudonym Markika, in a statement said that the constant goal of the game developer is to better motivate and incentivize players to attack opponents at their level of skills and progress.

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