Clash of Clans Gets Spooky with Halloween Content in Newest Update

Clash of Clans, Supercell’s massively popular strategy game for mobile devices, dropped a big new update last month which introduced additions such as new units and wall-building strategies. However, the developers have not sat on their laurels since then, and have prepared yet another new update in the spirit of this year’s Halloween season.

Clash of Clans will soon be receiving a new Halloween update which will bring in some festive themes and game elements for the spooky holiday. Supercell gave a sneak peek at the upcoming Halloween-themed content on their official forums a few days ago.

The update will include a number of cosmetic changes which won’t affect gameplay too much. For example, players may notice the playing field looking a little bit different soon, with shrubs being replaced by Jack ‘O Lanterns and trees featuring faces or dangling skulls.

Also, a new obstacle will be added in the form of a gravestone called the “Halloween Headstone,” which will cost players 25,000 elixir to remove. Like last year’s Halloween update, the loading screen will change as well. Lastly, lightning spells will unleash a cloud of green smoke and groups of flying bats.

Along with the new visual effects, some gameplay tweaks and fixes will be implemented with the Halloween update as well. So far, Supercell has given fans a peek at new clan settings as well as boost improvements.

The new clan settings allow players to more intuitively search for clans, sorting them either by country or internationally. Other criteria for the new clan sorting include number of members, War frequency, and clan points. The new settings also allow for a longer clan description for players to write.

Clash of Clans

The boost improvements will cause boosts to freeze when the player pauses for army maintenance. The boost will not re-start automatically however, and gamers will have to manually re-activate them. This is to prevent boosts from being wasted during maintenance breaks.

The Clash of Clans Halloween update is expected to come later this week. In the mean time, players should stay tuned to Supercell’s forums and Facebook page for any more news and sneak peeks.

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