‘Clash of Clans’ December Updates to Bring Christmas-Themed Soldiers, Other Special Items, and Bonus Events

Less than two weeks ago, the freemium mobile strategy game “Clash of Clans” received its Halloween updates that included Halloween-themed towers, items, and bonus events.

In about a month and a half’s time, Finnish game developer Supercell shall reportedly be rolling out the December updates to “Clash of Clans” which shall include Christmas-themed soldiers, other special items, and bonus events, reports the University Herald.

While Supercell has not confirmed anything about the speculated December updates to “Clash of Clans,” Redditor Chief Spencer has already posted his findings of the upcoming updates to the game.

The updates are officially not confirmed yet but since they exist in game code and assets, chances of its emergence are very high.

What gamers could get from the updates

According to Spencer, “CoC” players might be up for the Barbarian King statue, which will be introduced in the update, costing 500 gems. A Red Barbarian King is also coming too. When a gamer buys a gem package, he will be given the Red Barbarian King and the Red Archer Queen, details the Phone Arena.

The December update shall also include the shipyard, which will become unlockable at Town Hall 4 at the cost of 50,000 gold. Ships are likely to be included as well as new troops that can be used in the sea to battle.

It is expected to be included in daily challenges, such as pirates raiding it and stealing the player’s gems. There will also be new air defenses added as well, although it remains to be seen whether the players of “CoC” need it at the moment.

The December updates to “Clash of Clans” shall be released in time for Christmas.

According to reports, it shall also bring forth game changers for the players to complete in exchange for more XP and resources.

November update

Incidentally, the “Clash of Clans” November 2016 update is now available. The version 8.551.24 update is reported to be optional, which comes with a fix for the dragging feature in the Army Training, among others.

The feature is broken for players with the old client, which means they have to install the latest optional update or version 8.551.24 in order to make it work properly again.

The players are also expected to install the latest version when it becomes available in Google Play and App Store.

However, there are also reports from critics saying that the November 2016 updates to “Clash of Clans” come with only a few features so gamers are better off waiting for the release of the December 2016 updates.

Despite the advent of new mobile games including the sensational mobile augmented reality game “Pokemon Go,” “Clash of Clans” is still one of the most played games on mobile devices today.

Indicative of the huge success of “Clash of Clans,” the game posted US$2.3 billion in revenue and US$930 million in profit in 2014.

But those figures are already on the way down as the best times for the game happened when it was introduced in 2012 and went skyrocketing so high the following year with more than 30 million users worldwide.

“Clash of Clans” has actually made Supercell the foremost key player and top developer in the mobile game industry.

Up until last year, “Clash of Clans” has kept its followers hooked by consistently adding new features through regular updates, together with their development team who always provide a quick response to glitches and other technical difficulties experienced by the players.

clash of clans

From previously being the most popular game on mobile devices in the world, “Clash of Clans” has lost its grip to the title with the arrival of the mobile augmented reality game “Pokemon Go.”

Amid the rampage of “Pokemon Go,” Supercell launched a massive ban among players who have been using bots to create cheats on “Clash of Clans.” As a result, a number of “CoC” players have started migrating to “Pokemon Go” or other mobile games, especially those innocent ones who were also banned.

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