Claire Will Get Tired of Being a First Lady and Rival Frank in the Chair in the Oval Office in ‘House of Cards’ Season 4

It has already been reported as early as last month that Season 4 of the American political drama series “House of Cards” on Netflix will be its most exciting yet as it shall highlight the blowout breakup of power couple Frank and Claire Underwood.

The widely-popular series has come to the point when Frank and Claire had to finally admit that they were just lying to each other during all those years as President and First Lady of the United States, respectively.

Although he has not drop any hint regarding the fourth season of “House of Cards” which would be released next year in time for the US presidential election, series creator Beau Willimon said that the first three seasons of the show focused on the foundation of marriage of Frank and Claire, which was basically its strength too.

He explained that although the two were saying to others and to themselves that they are equal partners, they cannot deny the fact that there is only one chair in the Oval Office. Although it is Frank that is currently sitting on it, Claire has obviously gone tired of her being a mere First Lady because it was not a post that she earlier dreamed it to be.

So instead of the power couple working together in the past three seasons of “House of Cards,” fans and viewers will be able to finally see them not working together in the fourth season, which is sure to draw fan excitement and enthusiasm for the show, notes Christian Today.

Start of Frank’s downfall

It has been reported previously that Season 4 of “House of Cards” will be the start of Frank’s downfall and the best person who can really make that happen is no other than his First Lady Claire, who got the goods on him.

The breakup of the power couple shall be followed with a divorce before Claire would decide to run for the presidency opposite his former husband who shall be gunning for re-election. That would really be an interesting plotline that is sure to captivate loyal viewers and entice new ones too.

To make “House of Cards” more relevant and timely, Netflix would be releasing the entire Season 4 in 2016 to coincide with the time of the US presidential elections which shall also be happening next year.

Capitalizing on the election

house of cards

Given the politically-charged environment in the US around that time, it is safe to assume that the producers of “House of Cards” certainly want to capitalize on the political frames of mind of the American people to be able to lure them into watching the very popular TV series and pick up a few political pointers too in choosing the country’s next leader.

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