Civilization: Beyond Earth Linux Version Launched Last Week!

Civilization: Beyond Earth has been released for a number of platforms and last week it was launched for the last one. The last platform to have it available for was Linux and it was released on the 18th of December. A Linux developer announced that the game went live at 1PM EST on that day. As soon as the launch was complete, gamers were able to download it from Steam. Steam is a popular website where you can find downloads of many different types of games.

In recent days, there was an update sent out to the Civilization: Beyond Earth players, but if you are looking for the Linux version it will come with the update already installed. Those that had it downloaded to the PC and Mac, were required to wait much longer for the update to hit. That is the way that it should be with new versions of games and players will be happy about it. When the game first was released, the PC and Mac users noticed there was poor performance in the game mechanics.

The latest patch was going to focus on the game mechanics and re-balancing game elements and changes to the Health system. In the new game, you get to be the leader of a futuristic faction from Earth where a group of humans want to head to an alien planet and establish a new colony. The game will put players in a quest to find out how they would like to proceed once on the alien planet.

Just like the other versions of the game, there are three Affinities that you can choose from, Purity, Harmony and Supremacy players. The Purity players will do whatever it takes to preserve the life they know and transform the new planet in the same way. The Harmony player will take another approach, somewhat opposite, and try to adapt their own biology as much as possible. Supremacy players are going to remove their humanity and embrace technology to dominate the new world that is around them.

civilization beyond earth

The game is very similar to Civilization V, but adds a new mechanics system that includes radial Tech Web and orbital units that are reportedly for freshening up the formula for the loyal fans that have been around the entire time the game was available. If you liked the other games in the Civilization series, you will also like the Civilization: Beyond Earth game and now you will be able to play it on the PC, Mac and Linux systems.

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