Captain Jack Could Possibly Return for ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9

The future of Captain Jack Harkness became uncertain during the past seasons of the British science-fiction TV program “Doctor Who.” Fortunately for his fans, there is a possibility that he may come back for the next season.

According to reports, the Face of Boe, played by John Barrowman, have lived a long life, so long that the Torchwood leader could eventually cross paths with his time-travelling friend. David Tennant, the actor for Captain Jack, has not been seen in “Doctor Who” for a long time but the infamous captain is still alive.

According to Barrowman, Captain Jack’s popularity has not decreased but has actually gotten stronger. On this note, the actor said they are already doing some audio plays for Captain Jack that would come out later this year. He added that he knows he is the main person keeping Captain Jack alive since he is the one promoting the character all this time. He just said it would be very silly if the writers would not bring him back.

Seismic return

Barrowman is insistent on Captain Jack’s return. Steven Moffat said River Song and Jack Harkness were both huge characters in the “Doctor Who” mythology and their returns would be seismic. Moffatt added that they have never closed off the possibility of their return.

“Docto Who” Season 9 started filming in January this year. The show is expected to be released to TV screens late this year.

Steven Moffat, one of the show writers, is working with Catherin Tregenna in creating the episodes for the ninth season. Tregenna is popular for his “Doctor Who” spin-off series “Torchwood.”

Before Season 8 even began, Moffatt already warned the viewers that he has already figured out a cliffhanger for the final episode of Season 9. He was very excited about it and said that the he does not think the fans could have ever imagined the twist he was thinking.

Season 9 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the show’s revival. BBC, in return, asked Russell T. Davies, the show’s previous show runner and head writer, to join in the creative process.

However, Davies responded with, “Thanks but no thanks.” Davies also said that with the success of the revived “Doctor Who,” he believes it would be impossible for the show to be axed. For him, the show can continue on with or without him. A source from BBC said that the plans for the revival anniversary were still undecided.

During their Christmas special, BBC garnered about 8.28 million viewers in the UK alone. The “Last Christmas” episode was directed by Paul Wilmshurst and directed by Steven Moffat. In the episode, Clara woke up and discovered that Santa Clause was on her rooftop. She tried to deny that Santa Claus is true and then the Doctor arrived to take her in the TARDIS.

doctor who

At the North Pole, she saw a bunch of scientists working on saving their fellow base personnel who have been beaten by unknown crab-like creatures. Clara and the Doctor arrived at the base where they were attacked by these crabs. Then, Santa came to the rescue. The Doctor then learned that these creatures are called Dream Crabs, a certain type of alien crab that induce a dream state on a person while devouring that person’s brain.

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