Best VPN Services of 2017

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a security strategy for companies and individuals alike. Third party VPN companies allow for lightning fast access to private and secure networks via public connections.

A common need in a digital world, but let’s explore which VPN service offers the most. There are two things a tech junky looks for in a Virtual Private Network. First, speed. When it comes to being competitive in the VPN market throwing around marketing buzzwords such as ‘Fastest on earth” and “Blazing Fast” is an ideal position to be in. But which VPN actually offers streaming fast international virtual private connections and which are blowing smoke?

The second aspect is cost. Not all VPN users are ultra high tech and security conscience companies with millions of dollars to blow. Sometimes the small business around the corer needs to access sensitive client files from home. So how can they connect securely without breaking the bank?

Express VPN

Express VPN claims to be the fastest service in the world, but that’s not what one reviewer found. While, yes, the service did have a lot to offer and increased download speeds over some of the other VPN services. The service was not actually the fastest. 

However, we must all keep in mind that the internet is a fickle mistress and cannot be relied upon 100% in any circumstance. Perhaps if we did the test 1000 more times we could find that Express VPN is the fastest on average.

The high point for Express VPN is the international speeds. Internet infrastructure is not the same throughout the world. For company to be truly reliable on an international front, they need to be constantly vigilant in understanding how the infrastructure will impact their product, and allocate resources to help mitigate the issues for their clients.

Express VPN does just that. In fact, under certain circumstances, the VPN service increased download speeds internationally.

The final upside to the service seems to be the easy-to-operate interface. With only a few buttons Express VPN likely has a high learning curve even for the most technically challenged employees. On top of that it allows the user to cut through some regionally based filters such as Netflix.

VPN Unlimited

best VPN 2017Another way to stay competitive in the VPN market is to reduce costs. VPN Unlimited VPN comes in at one of the cheapest, yet still effective options. At a mere $5.99 per month VPN is the way to go for individuals looking for a cheap plan, or a business man going on vacation but still wants access to his files. The downsides to this cheaper option are a clunky interface and lower speeds.

However, in a separate test by the review didn’t find the speeds of VPN Unlimited to be unbearable. In fact he was pleasantly surprised with the amount of accessed we can receive at such a low price.

VPN Unlimited is clearly the value option for VPN service seekers. In fact, they’re ready to commit if you are. The company offers, on their website, a 100+ year price plan for just over $100. So, if you’re looking to surf your private network after you’ve kicked the bucked, they have a plan for you!

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  • Mr. Grey

    My VPN is not listed in your list although I just want to share my experience with other users. I am a gamer so great speed is needed while playing (when connected to a VPN) but I can play w/out slow speed interruptions. I just love to recommend FrootVPN! Great service for a small dime monthly. Cheers

  • Andre

    I doubt this list. ExpressVPN is really the best and the most expensive VPN but there are many other popular VPNs like Ivacy, PureVPN, IPvansish that should have in this list