Best Family Hiking Destinations in the US this Fall

There is always that awe about fall that makes it gratifyingly beautiful. When we look around those tall trees with colorful leaves in orange, red, and brown, it gives us that feeling of a moment of peace and wonder.

This is the time when we cherish and appreciate the colors of autumn before we are surrounded by mostly cold white in winter.

The simplest way to really get that feeling during fall is when we hike around various destinations and parks across the country.

Here are some of the best family hiking destinations to head out to this 2017. So grab the kids, throw on the backpack hiking carrier and get back to the great outdoors!

Acadia National Park: Bar Harbor, Maine

Leaf peeping is nothing but sort of extraordinary in this most sought after National Park in Maine. The South Bubble Rock Trail is another wonder in the area. Tourists and locals try to push the Bubble Rock which is a rock formation that seemingly clings to the mountain’s edge. For experienced hikers, the vertical climb on the Champlain Mountain’s Precipice Trail is also recommended for its amazing view. The Acadia Mountains overlook the Atlantic Ocean which is also a great scenic view for travelers.

It was established as a national monument under the name Sieur de Monts by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916. In 1919, it became a National Park under the name “Lafayette” until its name was finally changed to Acadia in 1929.

Maroon Bells: Aspen, Colorado

Two 14,000-foot peaks high above the White River National Forest are the Maroon Bells in Aspen. It is an ideal location to capture the golden leaves on camera. Fall is considered to be one of the most spectacular seasons in Aspen. The fall foliage season peaks typically on the 3rd and 4th week of September.  For nature enthusiasts, the Cathedral Lake, American Lake, Hunter Creek and Crater Lake are wonderful hiking destinations.

Mount Greylock: Adams, Massachusetts

Mount Greylock is located in the Berkshire Mountains which is Massachusetts’ tallest peak. 3,491 feet high might not be too remarkable compared to other notable mountains but it holds one of the most scenic mountains in the Eastern United States. The classic, Moby Dick by Herman Melville was rumored to be inspired by the saddle-like shape mountain. Also, other writers like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry David Thoreau were also inspired by the picturesque peak. This gives us a clue that Mount Greylock is really a peaceful place to be.

Central Park, New York City

For families in vacation, what better and easier route than New York? Just a walk around the iconic Central Park shows the colorful leaves in autumn. A sit on a bench shows a whole world of possibilities with the busy sounds of the city but at the same time a satisfying feeling seeing red and orange leaves falling. It is just as invigorating as it is in other nature parks.

The Ravine, a stream bed located in lush green and yellow tress of the North Woods is great for leisurely hikers and kids. The trail extends until Harlem Meer, a home to an incredible variety of wildlife.

Savannah, Georgia

hiking destinationsMy personal favorite, Savannah, is a beautiful landscape in the Fall Season. It looks like a palette of different fall colors. The coastal city is topped with tourists and residents for its historic architecture, the nearby coastal marsh and sandy beaches, and most especially the gnarly-branched oak tress draped in Spanish moss.

There are many statues and historic mansions that exist in the well-preserved historic city where the tourists could hike around the streets. Hiking and backpacking trails in the city include Forsyth Park, Wormsloe Historic Ruins, and Skidaway Island State Park.

For an epic backpacking and camping trip for the family or group of friends, head to the south of the city at the Cumberland Island with views from the Carnegie mansion ruins and a view of wild horses.

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