Battlefield 5 Rumored to Take Place in Asia as Fans Wish for a Return to the World War 2 Theme!

The “Battlefield” franchise has gone through quite a lot in its existence, and after so many installments it’s still one of the most popular shooters on the market. EA have been paying a lot of attention to what their fans want to see in the games, and even though some updates tend to contradict the general wishes of the community, for the most part they get it right in the long run. However, recent talks about the next installment in the franchise seem to imply that many fans would want to see a return to the origins of the series – or in other words, another game that explores the World War 2 theme which started it all.

According to the current rumors about “Battlefield 5”, the game could be set in Asia, possibly in Japan or Vietnam, but the exact setting is not clear and we don’t know if it will still take place in modern times or take a trip into the past. If it ends up in Vietnam, some fans are convinced that it could be a spiritual successor to “Battlefield Vietnam”, one of the most iconic installments in the franchise.

There have also been some discussions about the potential of the modern military setting in the future. “Battlefield” is generally a direct competitor to the “Call of Duty” franchise, and the two have been going head to head in their style for some time now. And considering that “Call of Duty” moved things into the near future, the “Battlefield” series might do the same.

On the other hand, some fans are suggesting that a complete reversal of the trend could also work in EA’s favor – if the next “Battlefield” is indeed set in the past (and not necessarily World War 2), it could offer a different angle for competing against “Call of Duty”, and this is something EA should consider.

In any case, the modern military theme is starting to get worn out, and many gamers are skeptical about continuing the series in this style. It was fun at first, but ever since “Call of Duty 4” came out, major publishers have explored every possible aspect of this setting and there isn’t much left to do. We’ve already seen a large number of real-life military gadgets incorporated into games in one way or another, and on the other hand some gamers are claiming that technology is starting to become too prevalent in the shooter genre for its own good.

Things like radars, see-through sights, homing missiles and all sorts of modern military technology can sometimes make a shooter less interesting instead of expanding its potential, as they take the focus away from actual skill and towards keeping an eye on the different meters that pop up on the screen. Or at least that’s the stance of some players. Still, the fact that “Call of Duty” actually pushed that trend forward clearly shows that there is still potential in this idea too.

Battlefield 5

According to reports, a recent survey that was conducted about the future of the game by Jackfrags, a well-known YouTube gamer, showed that most people would be interested in a World War 2-themed sequel to the franchise, with over 28,000 votes out of a total 53,000 showing interest in this idea. On the other hand, the sci-fi and near future themes were far less popular, along with the suggestion for a World War 1 game.

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