Batman: Arkham Knight Getting Even more DLC Soon, Fans Excited about New Maps!

“Batman: Arkham Knight” has been out for a while and the game was met with some very mixed responses – on one hand, its release on consoles went through pretty smoothly and people were happy with how the game turned out in pretty much every aspect. On the other, its PC version came out in a very buggy and unpolished state, to the extent that it was eventually pulled from Steam while a major patch was being prepared to bring it to a more playable state.

Meanwhile, DLC for the game is actively being worked on, and fans already got the “Arkham Knight Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1” earlier, coming out to some pretty positive responses from fans. People seemed to love the various new features introduced in the update, and it looks like they’re about to get another similar installment by the end of September as well.

It’s already been revealed what we can expect in the new DLC too, at least to some extent – it looks like Batman, Catwoman and Nightwing are going to get several new Combat Maps, while other characters like Robin will get new Predator Maps (Batman will be getting some of those for himself too). New challenges are coming as well, and it looks like this DLC will give players a lot more to do with their time.

Probably even more than the first DLC pack – it’s pretty good to see that the developers care so much about their community and they’re constantly working on new content to keep their players happy, and there are about 10 days to go before the new DLC launches so we’re probably going to get even more information about it soon enough.

Some players have been wondering if the new DLC is going to come with more funny glitches like the first one, and most seem to have been happy with the way this glitch actually played out. While normally bugs are not taken very lightly by gamers, especially when they come in extra content, at least the bug in the first Challenge Pack gave players some funny additional opportunities, and many appreciated the chance to free roam as Robin around Gotham City.

In the meantime, PC players have been looking forward to the promised major update that is going to restore their game to a playable state and allow them to experience all the fun that their console brothers have been enjoying for so long now.

We don’t know when that update is supposed to arrive, but Rocksteady did release a temporary “interim” update in the meantime, which addresses various issues from the list and fixes the most important ones. It’s still not the complete patch that fans were waiting for though, and Rocksteady have a lot more work ahead of them if they want to restore their players’ trust in them. The game will only be returned to stores once it’s received the full major patch, and until then players will have to keep waiting.

Batman Arkham Knight

The overall release of the game was a very questionable move for the PC game industry as a whole, as many people were severely disappointed with the way this release was handled by the developer, and for a good reason – Rocksteady really messed up badly with this game. This is a release that will be remembered for a long time, even after the patch has been released and the problems have been addressed.

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