Avatar 2 Could Come in Two Years, Franchise to Be Expanded in the Physical World!

A lot is apparently planned for the future of “Avatar” – earlier it was announced that the film is going to get not one, but at least two sequels as James Cameron is apparently looking into turning it into a trilogy, and possibly even more than that. However, the director also has so much planned for the future installments that he will need a lot of time to assess his ideas and figure out what he wants to do exactly, and from what we can tell, the main problem is actually working out what should be included in the film and what should be skipped.

Currently, the latest rumors about the upcoming “Avatar 2” claim that we might see the new film sometime in 2017, possibly in December. That’s not all though – Cameron is apparently planning a lot more for this franchise than just film sequels, and he seems to have goals to expand it outside of the realm of films, turning it into something that crosses into the physical world.

More specifically, we’ve heard claims that the next film will have a whole theme park built to promote it – and the franchise as a whole – and there will be various attractions styled after popular elements from the films, allowing guests to experience the magical story of “Avatar” in a completely new way.

Until then, work on “Avatar 2” is underway but it’s reportedly been coming along somewhat slowly lately due to issues with the technology being used in the production. From what we’ve been able to find out, Cameron is currently waiting for some new developments in the tech industry behind the cinema world that will allow him to implement the ideas he has in mind. Right now he apparently has no access to the kind of technology that he would need in order to realize the things that he has in mind fully.

And while he’s been a bit vague about what exactly he needs in order to complete the next film, we’ve heard some reports about motion capture technology as well as more advanced rendering pipelines that can handle massive underwater scenes with huge amounts of detail. Those both sound like interesting ideas, and they do indeed also sound like things that would require some more advanced technology to arrive to the market first.

This is a bit strange to hear, as lately we’ve been seeing some really significant advances in technology that have made a lot possible, and one would think that now would be the ideal time to work on a massive tech-hungry production like “Avatar 2” – but apparently, the ideas that Cameron has in his head go even farther than that.

How much longer will fans have to wait though? As we said above, 2017 is currently expected to be the year that will see the film coming to the market, even though fans were originally expecting to see it in 2016 as that’s what the most prominent rumors were claiming.

avatar 2

Even if the new film does take longer, it should be worth it. It’s been a while since “Avatar” came out and the new film has a lot to live up to, as the original was pretty much one of the best and most famous films to ever hit the screen. Because of this, Cameron probably currently has a lot of pressure on his back to deliver his best with this film, and the director most definitely realizes that and understands it.

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