‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 to Unravel the Mystery of the Titan Inside the Wall!

Most of the speculations about the Japanese anime TV series “Attack on Titan” are focused on when its second season would air and what the story arcs are going to be.

It has been reported that the TV series is just waiting for its Japanese manga source material to complete four story arcs before the second season returns to the small screen.

Reports have it that Season 2 of “Attack on Titan” might reveal the mystery of the titan inside the wall and when it does unravel, the militia will eventually find out the true identity of the bigger enemy lurking within the walls.

It is possible that the identity of Survey Corps member Krista Lenz would also be known in the second season. It has been said that the character is really Historia Reiss, the youngest child of Rod Reiss.

It can be recalled that the Reiss clan was the original royal family within the walls of Sheena. The family also owned the ‘Coordinate’ which was defined as the ‘Titan’s power.’

Mangaka or author Hajime Isayama writes and draws the anime, which was first launched in 2009. The franchise has since branched out and evolved from there.

In fact, “Attack on Titan” now has four spin-off manga, two live-action films, one anime season released in 2013, and a spin-off anime series entitled “Attack on Titan Junior High.”

While Isayama has yet to confirm the airing date of “Attack on Titan” Season 2, the reports are fairly consistent in saying that the TV series shall return to the small screen in the spring of 2017, cites the Ecumenical News.

Shifting into a different direction

There are also reports saying that the storyline of the second season of “Attack on Titan” will shift into a different direction from the manga series.

However, these sound speculative since previous reports have been saying that the TV series was waiting for the manga source material to complete four story arcs, which means that the show shall indeed be based on the printed version.

There are also rumors saying that some of the characters of “Attack on Titan” are going to be facing serious challenges in the second season including Eren Yeager, Mikasa, and Armin, among just a few.

Some critics observe that it is possible that the TV series might deviate from the manga source material since “Attack on Titan” Season 1 already did it, though very mild.

They believe that if the show deviates from its manga source material, it will give fans more wiggle room to wonder and think about what the storyline would get into, notes iTech Post.

They also argue that there are many TV shows that deviate from their source materials because if they would follow exactly what is in the printed version, the TV series would no longer have the excitement and anticipation because fans already know what would happen as they have already read it on the printed version.

There are also reports saying that a new titan shall be introduced in Season 2 of “Attack on Titan” which would be in the form of a giant Titan who will have a high level of intelligence that is closely similar to that of a human being.

A leaked video of the show?

Meanwhile, a supposed leaked video of “Attack on Titan” Season 2 that was posted on YouTube had fans of the popular Japanese anime TV series excited as they have been waiting for the second installment since the Season 1 finale that aired in September 2013.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Images

Based on the unofficial video, many fans are assuming that “Attack on Titan” Season 2 shall highlight the war between the Titans that had infiltrated the wall and the 104th Trainees Squad.

But it could just be a scene for one episode of “Attack on Titan” Season 2 and not the main plotline of the anime series.

There are also reports saying that the second season of “Attack on Titan” will also show the rebellion of humanity over the bent ways of the king and his downfall.

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