Attack on Titan Season 2 Could Deviate from Original Plot, Putting more Characters in Danger!

Fans will always have the original works for reference, but we’ve already seen that the producers of the show are willing to go to great lengths when it comes to changing those details. With that in mind, we wouldn’t expect to learn anything useful about Zeke that way.

Season 2 should be ready by February, if the current reports are true, so that gives the producers quite some time to refine their story even more, and to come up with extra details to surprise their fans.

On the other hand, it also gives fans themselves plenty of time to discuss their ideas and desires for the next season, and to try figuring out what the producers are planning for them. We wouldn’t be surprised if a few extra hints were dropped along the way to keep those discussions going, as the producers of the show seem to like engaging their community.

So far, they are doing pretty much everything right when it comes to running this show. Of course, season 2 could be a disaster if they make some critical mistakes, but we have no reason to believe that things are headed in that direction right now. Everything we’ve seen in season 1, as well as the various previews discussing the new season, indicates that the producers of the show are treating it with all the respect their fans deserve, and they have a good plan for the future.

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