Astronaut Throws American Football Down the Length of the International Space Station and Reaches 564,644 Yards in Zero Gravity!

It was also discovered that the equipment that they are testing should be attached to the astronaut so that it does not float away because there is no gravity at all in space. The testing of the machine also showed what overall impact it has on the goal of the research.

Another thing that preoccupied Samantha while on space is medical experiments. Samantha has done lots of experiments to see how being in space affected her body.

For example, she experienced 16 sunrises and sunsets every day on the International Space Station and she tested how it affects her body clock.

Another important subject is food and energy. There were also experiments to see how much food an astronaut would need for a long mission to be carried out. Samantha recorded what she eats and her energy levels over a period of time.

Other things that have been looked at include how space affects the skin and why many astronauts get headaches.

In other words, astronauts actually have a lot of things to do while floating in space over at the International Space Station most of the time. So seeing them enjoying some light moment like throwing an American football into space before the official start of Super Bowl 51 is really something they are entitled to have.

After all, American football is still the national sports of the US regardless of whoever is sitting in the White House.

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