Arnold Schwarzenegger Visits Houston, Sits Down for Lunch with Bush Family!

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been making some trips lately, most recently visiting Houston, where he sat down for lunch with former President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush. The event was confirmed by a spokesman for the Bush Family, Jim McGrath.

The lunch was reportedly in celebration of President’s Day, and according to Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was the perfect way to spend the day and he couldn’t see himself doing anything else for the occasion. He expressed that George H.W. Bush is one of his personal favorite presidents, and he also stated his admiration for Bush’s wife, Barbara, who he referred to as “one of his favorite first ladies”.

Schwarzenegger posted a picture of himself with the couple on Instagram, where he also added that the two of them continue to inspire him to this day with the way they’re serving the public. And, as can be expected, the photo quickly got a lot of attention, and started spreading across the social network like wildfire, with many people expressing their admiration.

Governor Schwarzenegger has been in the news a lot lately, mainly related to his political activities and stance. Recently, he made a statement in which he pointed to climate change as the most pressing issue of our current time, which drew a lot of attention to him. He further called for the world’s governments to attack the problem of global warming, each government with its own unique resources and ideas.

According to Schwarzenegger, it’s important that the problem receives a lot of attention from scientists who each try to tackle it in their own way, but it’s also critical that governments openly share the information they come across in their research, instead of keeping everything to themselves.

And in the end, he has a point – nobody wins when this kind of information is concealed, and there’s no strategic advantage to keeping it secret. It’s important that the world’s governments unite around this issue as soon as possible too, as it’s growing more and more troubling, and it’s evident that at some point we will have to take a serious look at it, whether we want to or not.

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has managed to remain prominent in the news, but he has moved away from his “tough guy” image which served him so well during his acting career, and has now been more openly talking about his stance on various political issues, including some more controversial ones. Many of Schwarzenegger’s fans have been praising him for his seamless transition into a career in politics, after much skepticism from all sides in the beginning, with many people seemingly convinced that he wasn’t cut out for a job in politics.

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