Ariana Grande Shows Off Killer Platinum Blonde Hair in New Music Video for ‘Faith’ with Stevie Wonder

A new music video for the track, “Faith,” has been uploaded on Vevo recently and fans have been all praises for it.

“Faith” is the official collaboration between pop princess Ariana Grande and iconic artist Stevie Wonder and is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Sing” which hit theaters on December 21. The movie stars Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, and many others.

But what caught the attention of the fans of the “Focus” songstress is her new hairdo in the music video.

While Ari is not known for changing up her hairstyle featuring her signature and iconic ponytail, she decided to have some fun with her locks for “Faith” music video and ditch the ponytail and color, albeit temporarily.

The “Problem” hitmaker was shown rocking a killer platinum blonde hair while walking down the street in the music video. She was also sporting a half-up twist bun, notes Cosmopolitan.

Grande was shown in the video strutting through the city, as she encounters some animated friends.

Fans and critics were one in saying that Ariana Grande could not have looked cuter in the “Faith” music video and she totally pulls off keeping her roots dark with her long tresses nearly white.

She eventually joins Stevie Wonder in the piano but she was already sporting her signature brunette ponytail, reports Pitchfork.

Benefit concert for pediatric clinic

Pop icon Madonna and Ariana Grande recently took the stage during the Raising Malawi benefit concert held at the Miami Beach on December 2.

The concert was meant to generate funds to support Malawi’s first pediatric surgery and intensive care unit and Madonna was able to contribute in bringing in about $7.5 million for Malawi.

The “Material Girl” singer also auctioned off several of her personal belongings for the cause, including photos from her wedding to actor Sean Penn and a former concert tour costume.

During the joint performance of Madonna and Ariana Grande on the stage in the benefit concert, the dynamic duo turned it a little too wild and racy. While both Madonna and Ariana Grande are no strangers to doing provocative dances, they turned the heat a little too steamy during the performance.

The pair has let it all loose during their performance of Madonna’s track “Music.” Ari was seen wearing Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour costumes while Madonna wore a short skirt of her own.

A sizzling performance

The two got very intimate and close during their performance, that at one point, Madonna even took off Ari’s blazer. And at another point, both performers also twerked together, much to the surprise and delight of the crowd.

It was a sizzling performance for the 58-year-old Madonna and the 23-year-old Ariana Grande. The duo cheered the audience and was not at all afraid of showing off their booty shaking skills at the Miami Beach’s Faena Forum.

Critics believe that it was a bit wild and extremely indulgent of Madonna and Ariana Grande, but full of thrill.

Madonna earlier teased the benefit concert on social media for weeks and it turned out to be really amazing.

For her part, Ariana Grande even shared the clip on Instagram, treating the fans with a beautiful and sweet moment between her and Madonna.

Ari captioned her image post by saying that it was the night she said yes to Madonna for her Raising Malawi benefit concert. She said that she lives for and adore the “Crazy For You” singer and that Madonna’s heart is what she is most inspired by.

She also thanked Madonna for giving her the opportunity to be a part of such an important evening and giving as much as she does.

Meanwhile, a few days before the official debut of NBC’s “Hairspray Live” early this month, pop superstar Ariana Grande and the rest of the cast members of the musical special were already very excited about their gig.

Last month, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson teased their planned duet on “Hairspray Live” with the perfect picture posted on Instagram.

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