Apple Watch OS 2 Not Coming Soon, Company Focused on Newest iOS Version at the Moment!

Apple fans who own the Watch were expecting to get a new update for the device’s operating system recently, but that seems to have been pushed back indefinitely. The company released a new version of iOS that’s now available on phones and tablets – the major release of iOS 9 – but at the same time they introduced a delay in the development of their Watch OS and the next major update for that operating system is going to be delayed.

According to Apple, the main reason for that were bugs – the company was apparently not able to polish the update properly before pushing it out to the market, and they wanted to give it more time before they released it. We don’t know the exact nature of those bugs and how long the new update is going to take now, but it’s definitely noticeable that some of the company’s fans have been significantly disappointed at this announcement.

At the same time, the release of iOS 9 went not quite as smoothly as the company was apparently hoping, as users reported various issues downloading the update and claimed that they were constantly met with error messages and various other issues preventing them from moving to iOS 9 completely.

And as can be expected, Apple have been completely quiet about those issues and have refused to comment on the situation. It’s not clear if this is an internal issue on their side, or a problem affecting some of their devices on the market, but one thing is certain right now – there is growing resentment towards the company over the way they’ve been handling their recent software updates, and some of their fans seem to be reaching the end of their nerves.

It’s not the first time that Apple have had to postpone a major OS update, and it would certainly be better to get the new Watch OS 2 in a properly polished state, as many users still remember the iOS 8 fiasco when the new version launched with various bugs and critical issues. It took the company quite some time to fix those problems back then, so it’s probably better that they’ve decided against releasing Watch OS 2 now if they’re not able to address the issues that they have with the system.

Meanwhile, iOS 9 has been doing relatively well, disregarding the constant bug reports – people are apparently quite happy with how the new operating system works and the new features that it offers, but of course it would be better for many users to actually be able to use the operating system properly instead of getting various error messages when trying to update.

The new version of the operating system comes with various improvements, including to the operating system’s native applications such as those for navigation and public transportation, and owners of various iPad models can now benefit from much better multitasking capabilities in the operating system, allowing them to do a lot more with their time.

apple watchos 2

At the same time, Apple have been releasing brand new apps for their users to explore in the operating system, and it’s clear that they’re not only trying to improve the overall experience and the main OS itself, but they are constantly trying to expand its range of capabilities through the addition of brand new features, some of which have been requested by users for a long time. This includes some of the new apps that are making their way to the scene.

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