Apple iPod Touch 6G Rumors: No Such Device in the Pipeline, at Least for the Time Being!

The Apple iPod Touch 6G has been at the center of a debacle ever since the device did not show up like it was supposed to, at an event organized by the Cupertino tech giants back in October 2014. Rumor had it that Apple was looking forward to releasing the iPod Touch 6G at a press conference, but the company ended up revealing their new Retina Display technology on the iMac.

The fifth generation Apple iPod Touch is still available on the shelf, although, its demand has fallen considerably within the past couple of months. The demand for the iPod has dropped significantly since smartphones nowadays are good at most of the aspects that were previously covered solely by an iPod.

This is a major reason for Apple deciding against working on a new generation iPod. However, Apple loyalists are looking forward to the advanced features that Apple seems to conjure up in every upgrade that they work on. Hence, the situation suggests that Apple could either be stuck with the development of new features or they might be working on a top secret project that they plan on introducing with the iPod Touch 6G.

We have no concrete proof on either. Hence, feel free to use your creative imagination! A piece of unconfirmed information claims that Apple plans on revealing the iPod Touch 6G sometime in March 2015, although, the officials are yet to comment on this.

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, announced earlier this year that the iWatch would be made available at dealerships and retailers around fall 2015 and this has led many to believe that the Cupertino tech giant will unveil the sixth generation iPod Touch at the event! The latest piece of rumor that has been floating around, states that the device features 128 GB of storage along with Touch ID.

People also believe that the iPod Touch 6G will be available with iOS 8.2. We believe that it is a tad too early to be thinking about the situation as most people are getting ahead of themselves! However, Appleā€™s indifferent attitude towards the sixth generation of the iPod touch has not been received well by the general populace, who believe that the company should make an effort, or make an official statement at the least.

iPod 6 Touch 6G

Apple is one of the most popular companies when it comes to selling compact media players and the fifth generation iPod Touch released back in 2012. Most people would think that the device is backdated, and they would be right in thinking so as it is backdated. The features available on the fifth-gen iPod Touch is being offered by most smartphone manufacturers. Hence, apart from the Apple loyalists, nobody seems to be interested anymore!

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