Anthem Sports in Charge of Wrestling Promotion, Jeff Jarret Will Be Executive Consultant in TNA Wrestling

For TNA Wrestling, it has been quite an up and down year. At the end of 2016, Anthem Sports and Entertainment stepped in so as to save TNA from insolvency when they were sued by Billy Corgan to buy the promotion. All of the signs pointed to Anthem, which is the parent company of The Fight Network in Canada, which ultimately airs Impact Wrestling.

It took over the company and started running day-to-day operations. However, in the month of December, there was no news coming from the TNA offices since everyone wondered what 2017 had in store for TNA Wrestling.

Finally, during the week when TNA was airing a Live Impact Wrestling, it was announced that Anthem Sports and Entertainment finally completed its purchase of a majority stake in TNA and that it will take over the company.

After the purchase, Anthem created Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions LLC. It is the company which will oversee the entire TNA Wrestling operation. Ed Nordholm, the Anthem Sports Executive Vice President, was the managing director of Impact Ventures back in November. He will also become the President of Anthem Wrestling during the occupation.

During a press release, Nordholm said that they are excited to have acquired TNA IMPACT Wrestling. While they grow the digital, liner and mobile platforms of Anthem in a global manner, top tier content with a complete global appeal is important to that success.

Jeff Jarett has agreed that he will be returning to TNA Impact Wrestling in an executive consultant role which was first reported by PWInsider and further confirmed by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet. Back in 2015, Jarrett returned to the company as an on-air talent and decided to step back into the ring as pay-per-view for the company in Slammiversary XIII.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame later that year. To TNA Wrestling, Jeff is not a stranger at all. Along with his father, Jerry Jarret, he founded the company in 2002 June. In the beginning, he was a minority owner of the company and the Panda Chairman and CEO, Robert Carter had been controlling interests until Anthem Sports. It is a Canadian company which owns the Fight Network. It purchased TNA Wrestling earlier this year, as mentioned before.

At the moment, Jarret is the owner of Global Force Wrestling which was started back in 2014. Rolling Stone asked him about the original concept behind Global Force Wrestling.

According to him, it is a professional wrestling organization that they think will be forward thinking and also innovative. They have formed alliances and promotions with other locations in the world so that they can share talent as well as bring in talent.

Every wrestler will have a story. They have all started in some organization or the other. In the course of past 15 years, all of the organizations have somewhat sat on an island. They don’t interact at all and look at it things in a different manner.

TNA wrestling after sale

They want the organizations to thrive. They want to do things as well as possible. In that case, it is a rather win-win situation for wrestling. Thirty years back, it wasn’t quite uncommon for different promotions to be sharing talent. They would load up on a big card with wrestlers taken from other territories. First and foremost, it will be a professional wrestling organization.

The company hasn’t taken off yet, and it has seen most of its shows in minor league areas. His role with that of TNA Wrestling will not get into his goal of GFW with a national television market. His experience in the professional wrestling industry isn’t unnoticed either.

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